Saturday, September 26, 2009


I've been wanting to take the kids to this Children's Imagination Museum called Pennypickles in Temecula. My friend Autumn and I took our kids on Friday to explore their imaginations with a hands-on museum that kept them wide-eyed and captivated for the 2 hour session. They had a toddler room with blocks and things fit for smaller children but the kids only lasted about 10 minutes in there. They were more interested in exploring all the different themed rooms. One of their favorites was the maze that was in the dark and had glow-in-the-dark shapes, symbols and pictures in it (after the initial concern of going in a dark room, my kids are not real thrill seekers). I managed to capture a few pics while following our little explorers.

All the kids in a hot air balloon basket...they thought this thing was pretty cool and were pretending they were flying, while I was remembering my engagement and how small the baskets really are!! There was even a rope you could pull that lit a "fire" above the basket and made the appropriate noise. Thomas, Kaden, Jordyn (well her eyes and nose) and Maddy.
There was a music room that had an old record player and piano and even little instruments they could play. This was an old mic that you could sing in and then hear yourself through the phone. There were 2 on either side of this table so Kaden and Thomas each picked them up, we told them to sing a song and they both started singing "I am a Child of God" Great song choice!! :) "My turn" was muttered by Maddy when Kaden was done and following her bro, as she does all day long, started in with "I am a Child of God"
Autumn and Thomas singing away!!
Maddy on the space travel chair. I think she traveled into next year!
This chair looked like the "Alice in Wonderland" chair

Kaden, Thomas and Maddy relaxing on a bench outside in crazy hot weather!! We all had a fun day and my kids were asleep before we even got home, a great perk of a day full of fun!!


Allen Family said...

Isn't that place cool? We went the day before you guys for a preschool fieldtrip and both kids loved it.

Maybe it's the muscle t-shirt, but Kaden is looking so big. Like a full fledged boy!

Oh and congratulations on getting into dental hygiene school. That is so exciting!

The Lehnick Family said...

I don't know how I have missed the last 3 cute! Love the beach pics, and love seeing Justin back with the family! Glad you are all having so much fun!