Thursday, May 29, 2008

When Watched From Afar...

It only takes a moment for Kaden to get into mischief. This afternoon the kids and I were playing outside. Kaden was doing most of the exploring as Maddy and I were chatting with our landlord. I kept my eye on Kaden but he was a little distance away playing and exploring the yard. He ventured into some small plants that were being watered. I knew he was getting wet and a bit dirty, but he was having fun and it was harmless. As we paused in conversation, I took a quick glance over to Kaden and this is what I found...It only took a moment! I couldn't resist, I had to capture the moment!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Play Day!

This afternoon was devoted to playing! The sun has finally come back out to greet us, and I thought we could all use a play day! We loaded up the stroller and off we went to a nearby park.

I'm at the top of the baby slide excited to make my way down.
I'm getting more brave Mom, watch me climb to the big slide!Ready, set... here I go Mom...
WEEEEEEEE!! The cute thing is that he actually says "weee" when he goes down!!
I can't wait until I can go down the slide with Kaden! Until then, I'll just hang out in my stroller chewing on my toy! You should try it Kaden, it's pretty fun!
If you look very closely you can see my two little chompers! Yes, I followed in Kaden's footsteps and got some early teeth. They broke through on Mother's Day. I was just a few days over 5 months old. Two teeth later, and I'm still bald! Oh well, it's my cool summer do!As we returned home we had to pay a little visit to the chickens in our backyard. (They are our landlords, but their coop is in our backyard) Kaden LOVES them! Whenever we go outside he be-lines straight over to their cage. Poor chickens, as you can tell they are all desperately trying to hide from "The Kaden". He thinks it is utterly hilarious to pick up straw (see his handful), chuck it at the chickens, and watch them scatter. Animal cruelty, maybe! They aren't the most intelligent animals because they come running back for more! What a boy!!PS... This is my new favorite toy!! There is so much to chew on!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birthday Bash!

Friday was Bryce's 26th Birthday! He actually had the day off so we were able to spend his special day with him. His day started off with breakfast in bed! I made him a Grand Slam (for all you Denny's diners) It included bacon, eggs, sausage, potatoes, and a side of pancakes, aka a heart attack waiting to happen! Hey it was his Birthday he deserved a yummy breakfast! Unfortunately, it was a little rainy and gloomy during the day so we hung out at our house with our friends Josh, Brittany, and their little guy Oliver. Our day was followed by quite a wild night, well I guess wild for a married couple with two kids! It was also Andrea,'s birthday, so Justin decided to rent a limo for all of us to go to dinner! We contemplated prom dresses but decided it might be a little over the top! So Bryce and I, Justin and Andrea, Josh and Brittany, James and Sherry (Bryce's parents), and Ryan and Rachel (Bryce's brother and his girlfriend), all piled in our Lincoln Navigator limo and headed down to Oceanside for a lovely dinner at Outback. Jamie so graciously babysat all the kids for us, which we appreciate probably more than she knows!! Here are some pictures of our wild and crazy night!!
Posing in front of our sweet ride!The Birthday Boy!! I thought it only appropriate to have Birthday hats and blowers!
The other Birthday Girl!Our friends Josh and Brittany
James and Sherry partying it up!!
Ryan and Rachel! Awww what a cute couple!
The Girls!! We know how to party!!Like I said, wild and crazy night!!
We had a great night! Happy Birthday sweetie!! I love you so much!! I hope you had a fantastic Birthday!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

To Grammy's house we go!!

The kids and I headed to Santa Maria this past week to visit with Grammy. We arrived on Monday and left Friday morning, and managed to fit a whole lotta fun in there! All of us kids have been bugging my parents to hurry up and move down South with us however, as I go back and visit, there is a big part of me that will be sad when they actually do move. I love their house and for me it holds so many memories. On the contrary, it will be so nice for them to be close to all of their kids and most importantly all the grandkids. Well, I will narrate our week through pictures...Monday night I met up with Jenny and Colette, two of my best friends from High School, for some dinner and years of catching up to do. Although we hadn't seen each other for a while, it still felt like old times! I had a great night out with the girls!!
On Wednesday we headed to Avila Beach to enjoy the fun playground first and then some sand! The weather was perfect, and surprisingly not windy!Grammy and Kaden posing for the crazy mom with the camera!Looks like Kaden might share my love for dolphins! I hope so!While Kaden ran around on the playground Maddy chewed on her monkey. Nice and content!
Beach time!! This is Maddy's superwoman pose!Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach was next on my agenda. It has the best clam chowder in the whole world!! Even if your not a fan of clam chowder, you will love it!!! It could have to do with all the butter and cream! I don't know I'm just guessing! :) I'm pretty sure Kaden was enjoying it also!

Our last stop of that busy day was to see our Abby! Uncle JJ better watch out, Kaden might be moving in on his woman while he's gone! Such charm that little guy has!! His daddy has already taught him well!Kisses for Abby! Muuuuah!!My little "princessaaa"When we weren't shopping, beachin' it up, or eating delicious food, Kaden was either running around the backyard or......hanging out with the neighbor's horses. He is very into animals right now and all the noises they make. In fact he carries around a horse puzzle piece almost every day. So to see them in real life and so big was quite amazing to him. He would make the trotting noise at them and laugh when they made all of their funny noises. It was really cute. Poor guy would cry so hard when it was time to go inside, especially when it was time for us to begin our trek back home.
As you can see we had a great week, with lots of hugs and kisses. It is always so nice to have an extra pair of hands to help coral "The Kaden" or hold our little social lite. As you can tell by Maddy's expression, we are always happy to be with Grammy! Thanks mom for a great week! You are always such a help and never have to be told what to do, you just do! I hope I can be half the mom and Grammy that you are!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears....Oh My!!

The kids had their first zoo trip! We went to the San Diego Zoo on Monday and had a blast! I'm proud to say that we did actually see lions and tigers and bears, along with many others! My mom went with us and we met Justin, Andrea, her sister and McKenna there. We have been wanting to take Kaden to the zoo for a while now because he knows so many animals sounds and really seems to have a love for animals. We weren't sure how he was going to react to the large animals, but I don't think I have ever seen him so intrigued. His eyes were like saucers as we approached each animal exhibit. Kaden loved it so much the next day he stood at the front door pointing outside and saying, "Roaaaar." He wanted to go back the wonderful zoo to see the "roaaars". Maddy enjoyed it also. She liked being outside and all of the fun things she had to look at. They both did great and we had a wonderful day (minus Maddy's poopy blowout.! That was messy girlfriend!) Now for the important part, the pictures!!The giraffe's were my favorite. They are such amazing animals!!Daddy and his lil' guy having a blast at the zoo.You still got some growing to do Kaden!I LOVE the zoo!!!!Mom and I at the camels.Kaden was having fun until he realized what they were on the back of, he got a little startled!Nap on-the-go! Daddy is so comfy!We even saw a Panda. After seeing this, every animal was a "roaaaaar" to Kaden.
You've got your hands full!Grammy and her little Kaden fascinated by the elephants.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Snip Snip!

Well it took a mere 18 months and 2 days for Kaden to get his first hair cut! I was sad to see his scraggly baby hairs leave, but it was much needed. We wanted to try to hold out and let Great Grandma do the honors, but we couldn't wait any longer, it was time. We went to a great salon with a hair stylist that worked so well his constant movements. He actually was really good. He was more just wondering what she was doing, and luckily was easily distracted by a bright pink comb and her spray bottle. It is so odd to me that he instantly became a little boy once that hair was cut! I have to admit I just kept hugging and kissing him all day because he just looked so darn cute! Our little guy is growing up whether we accept it or not!

I told you, it was time!
Here it goes!!!!

They presented us with this cute certificate and also attached his first lock that was cut! He has definitely graduated from babyhood!


What a handsome boy!I just LOVE my new hair cut!Much better!!