Monday, November 24, 2008

And the Critics Say.....A-MAZING!!!!

Twilight was AWESOME!!! Not only was it an awesome movie, it was such a fun night. Friday night Andrea and I drove down to Oceanside to join the Twilight Pre-movie Party at Felicity's friend Leanne's house. (Thanks Leanne!! We had a blast!) We indulged in yummy snacks and some fun trivia. Then about 40 of us headed to the theatre for some VIP treatment. Due to another friend's hookups, we got into the movie without waiting in line, and had roped off seats waiting for us!! Thanks again Ashley!! I had purposely set my standards a little low so that I wouldn't be disappointed but it blew them out of the water!! Of course books always have more detail and more insight to emotions, however, I thought that the movie was extremely well done!! LOVED IT!! Only complaint, it was too short. It definitely left me waiting for more! Can't wait to see it again!!Us girls partying it up, Twilight style! The group before we headed out to meet Edward!Do we look a little excited!?! Can't wait!!

Thanks Bryce for being Mr. Mom for the night! The kids had a fun night with their Daddy!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Date with Mom and Dad!

For the first time since Maddy was born Bryce and I took Kaden out on a date by ourselves! We have been so excited for the past month waiting for Madagascar 2 to come out because we knew Kaden would love it! Bryce ended work early today so we decided we would take him to the "Big TV" to see Madagascar. This is the first time he has ever gone to the movies, and he was awesome! He wanted to sit in his own seat and not on our laps! He looked so cute in those big ol' chairs. It was so funny because I didn't realize but when you only weigh 25ish pounds, your legs are not heavy enough to hold down the seat. So he watched most of the movie almost folded in half, but he wanted to sit by himself!! It was such a cute movie and very enjoyable for Bryce and I. Kaden was pretty sad when it was all done. He kept saying, "more big TV, more big TV!" I'm glad there were other kids there (of course it's a kid movie) cuz he kept saying "oooh Alex and Melman and Goria and Marty!" He can't just say one, he has to name them all! It was pretty priceless! Bryce and I really enjoyed the time together with him. Although we were in a movie the whole time, it was nice to be focused on him and how much fun he was having. I do think it is really important to have one-on-one time with your kids individually, especially as they get older and as you have more. Because we were always so busy and there were 4 of us, I rarely had individual time with my parents, especially my dad. But I do remember this one time, and I think I always will, where my dad took me to a UCSB Girls Basketball game. It was so much fun, just he and I especially watching something I loved! I also felt special because we went in the porsche!! Years later, I still think that it was such a special outing we went on just the two of us! Anyways, we had a great night and I thought I would share it!!
P.S. If your wondering about his cut, he got stitches off on Wednesday and it looks great!! It is just a thin line that in a couple of years will probably have disappeared! He's doing great!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Poor Little Guy!

Kaden had his first major injury the other night! Besides bumps and bruises nothing serious has ever happened to him. But it was just a matter of time, and unfortunately, he fell and busted his eyebrow open! Poor little guy! With much deliberation about whether we thought he needed stitches, we decided to ask a pro. Luckily our friend Dave who is a PA was able to come to our rescue. He assessed Kaden and let us know that stitches would be the best route. So 5 stitches later, he is on his way to a full recovery! We can't express our appreciation to Dave enough!! We owe you BIG!!Our little Frankenstein!! He is actually doing really well. It doesn't seem to bother him that much only when he need to clean, neosporin, or band aid it.
Poor guy had to be restrained to be able to stitch him up. His Daddy was very brave and held his head in place to ensure he didn't move. I was proud that I was tough enough to also be there trying to calm him down. I knew that it would be better if he could see both Bryce and I, so I mentally prepped myself for painful screams from my baby and stood by his side. Bryce was much stronger than I, and was able to be by his side the whole time to help his little buddy! Good thing kids are so resilient! We love you Kaden!

Halloween...A little late!

I'm finally getting to post some Halloween pictures! We had a fun Halloween night full of trick-or-treating and partying it up at Bryce's parents house. We figured we wouldn't get any kids at our house so we helped hand out candy at Bryce's parent's house and also enjoyed a little of Jamie's party. Bryce, his brother's, and Eric all made a haunted spook alley for Jamie's friends to freak out in. It worked really well with the girls! And some pics...For all of you Madagascar fans, Kaden was Marty for Halloween. This was the only time he would keep the head on. It was the best part, but we should have known he wouldn't be a fan. He looked awfully cute though! Mommy's little lamb! Of course Maddy had no issues with her hood, except she got hot. That's Cali for you, hot on Halloween!Yes, that is my man cub! I didn't know someone so handsome could get so...well...scary! Check out those teeth! Somehow, I had a different vision of a vampire...Edward!! :)I tried to be scary! I have to admit, I felt much more scary than now I can see that I looked. It was the first Halloween in my life that I dressed up as something scary and not cute and girly! Bryce and I were discussing our past costumes and I found it hilarious that everything he was it had to be dead. Like if he wanted to be a...clown for example, he had to be a dead clown. What a difference between girls and boys huh! FYI this is the best way to trick-or-treat with little ones!! It was perfect!Maddy loved the ride! She sat in her seat the whole time, just content with the ride!Eric and Harmony came up to join in on our Halloween fun! Skye was a cute little dragonfly.Kaden kept checking on his treats to make sure they were still in his bag. I think he was in shock at how many treats he was getting and that Bryce and I were excited for him to get them. He was so much fun to take and said "Trick or Treat" (with emphasis on the TREAT) to every house! What a fun night!