Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Vaca

I finished my 2nd term last Wednesday so I have had this past week off. It has been great to feel like a Mom and wife again, to slip right back into all the things I used to do when I was at home. It has gone by pretty fast, but has been great!!! Finishing this term marks me half way through Hygiene school and I am now a SENIOR!!! I worked really hard and finished the term with straight A's so I have felt this week was much deserved. I tried to document with pics all I could since this is my summer vaca, until the end of September. My kids ask me everyday if I have to go to school tomorrow and I can happily say NO!! (for a few more days atleast)

My time off so far...

We enjoyed a movie night with the kids...Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (a new favorite of theirs)

Memorial Day...
Bryce happened to have the day off so we braved the beach...not as crowded as I thought it would be. Bryce was able to scuba dive with our friend Brant and brother Justin so they were happy campers. Andrea and I enjoyed the sun and kids on the beach, also happy campers :)
If you can't tell he has a ladybug at the end of his finger, not a usual hand gesture of his :)
McKenna also showing off the ladybug
Kaden is not a real fearless kid, but when it comes to the ocean for some reason he is, it's great! He got toppled by a wave at one point and just got back up and continued to play.

Always fun to bury your legs, and get sand in EVERY single spot imaginable

Corbin also enjoying being burried
We also went to Oceanside and spent a day with Harmony. She graciously let me get pampered and get my hair done while she watched my kids. She is awesome!!! Also, we celebrated Andrea's birthday on Saturday with a yummy BBQ and the Laker game, but sorry no pics from these days, I was slacking. We have been able to see all of our friends and family that are forced to take a backseat while I'm in school. It has been really fun!

Temecula Berry Co.
Today I took the kids to a blueberry farm in Temecula to pick our own berries. We had so much fun and the weather was perfect! The kids have told everyone they have seen including strangers!
They gave the kids their own little buckets and instructed them to only pick the ripe "blue" ones not green or purple. They were very careful to stick to the rule.

Farmers are done, now time to devour!!
This weekend we get to see some our friends from Newport that now live in Utah. Haven't seen them in so long...I can't wait!!!