Friday, March 12, 2010

A New Niece!!!

Eric and Harmony have a new addition!! Sydney Paige Cottrell came on Monday March 8th at 5:40am weighing 7 lbs 10 oz. I was dying all day at school on Monday to get my little hands on her! Although she is the 6th grandchild, it is just as exciting as the first! We went down to San Diego Monday night and got to hold the little princess
Every woman's dream to look that good hours after labor!! Look at those thigh rolls Sydney, that is new to the Cottrell family! :)
She is so precious!! Everyone is doing great! She barely cries and sleeps like champ!!
Proud aunt!!!! I always forget how little they are!

Open wide!!!

I took the kids to the dentist for the first time this week. I have been prepping them for a couple weeks now so they would know what to expect and be excited and not scared. We might have a dentist in our future, when the doctor was looking at Maddy's teeth Kaden wanted to sit on his lap and count Maddy's teeth with the big clip! Go figure, it's Kaden :) He's such a funny kid!!

Does this face tell you how it went? Yes, I dorked out and took pictures! It was such a proud mommy moment for me :) It was really fun to know and understand all the terminology the doctor and assistant were using :) He puts all the fearful adults to shame huh!!
He let them take pictures of his teeth which he turned to me and said this is fun mommy! The office was all digital so he loved being able to see the pictures they took on the screen. He thought the x-rays looked cool but he wasn't as thrilled taking them. He also let them polish and fluoride his teeth. The doctor looked at all his chompers... no cavities, and I got commended for their clean teeth! Yeah!! I better get good reviews or I'm in the wrong profession!!
This is after their appointment, they got balloons for doing a great job. No pictures of Maddy in the chair because she wasn't too excited about it. She was pumped going to the dentist and watching Kaden but as soon as it became her turn she wasn't having it. So she just got fluoride and that was even work! Maybe in 6 months she'll do better! Great job kiddos!!