Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Things Shrek!

Our little guy turned TWO!! We had a great party with our family and friends. Shrek has been a favorite of Kaden's for quite some time now so only appropriate to have a Shrek party. I had been prepping him all week so when you asked him what kind of party he was having he knew, "Shrek parrrtyyyy!" Allow me to narrate the day through pictures...Shrek has some competition...he's pretty cute!!Our wonderful Chef Felicity made both Kaden's mini cake on the right and the big cake. Both a huge hit!! The big Shrek cake was the most amazing carrot cake! YUMMM!! Kaden's cake was fun-fetti giant cupcake with worms on the top and his face connected to a lollipop. She is way too creative!! It was awesome, thanks again!! Shrek decor...and the entertainment in the background!Harmony and Skye enjoying the festivities.Our friend Brittany and Maddy's future husband Oliver! What a cutie! The Grandpas! At one point in the day Kaden came up to them and pointed to one and said, "Grandpa" then looked at the other, paused for a moment and then said, "More Grandpa!" It was one of my favorite lines of the day!Kaden's Loot! Can we say spoiled or just really loved?! Bryce, Ryan and RobTearing into his presents. For the week after his bday he kept asking to open more presents! He would say, "Mom, more presents!" Like he didn't get enough! :) Not the greatest picture, but it showed a lot of Kaden's loving family.Our little guy...or not so little anymore! (Also kind of a blurry pic sorry!)He took one bite of his cake and said, "Yummy!!" He ate a good portion of it and loved every bite!Kenna your too cute!! This is her "cheese" pose, I love it!This is where I found Kaden part way into his party. He had to take a rest from all the fun!Kaden scored with all kinds of adorable clothes and awesome toys. He is way into figurines especially of animals. So we decided to line up all his animals/dinosaurs that he got from his bday and let him pose with them. What a big boy! I still can't believe our little guy turned TWO. It is also quite scary to think that Maddy's 1st birthday is in a month! Where has the time gone. I guess it really does fly when your having fun! We love you Kaden and hope you had a fun birthday!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Words, Word, Words...

A new word for Maddy!!

Maddy's vocabulary is growing fast! Her list of words include Mom, Dad, Hi, Bye, Uhh-Ohh, good girl, and now duck!! I realized I tell her "good girl" a lot and she has seemed to pick up on it. Kaden and Maddy were having their bath tonight and Kaden handed Maddy her pink duck to play with and as clear as day she said, "duck." I would have to say that she was born into the right family because besides her words we can understand, she chats it up all day long! She has to compete with Kaden so sometimes their volume gets pretty loud. Another reason she was born into the right family!! Can't wait to hear what her next word will be! Oh our little monkey is growing up too fast!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

More than just Pumpkins!

There was a "Fall" feeling in the air on Saturday so we decided to embrace it and visit a pumpkin patch. I have been anxious to get some cute pumpkin pictures this year and Saturday turned out to be the perfect day. We went to Peltzer Farms with Bryce's family minus Grandma and Grandpa. There was so much to do than just play with pumpkins! It was such a fun day with lots of cute pictures. I always appreciate Justin and his willingness to take pictures with his awesome Cannon Rebel (I try not to covet but it's hard). After the day ended, we realized we took 450 pictures in a few hours of pumpkin patchin'!!! Here are a few, well quite a few, brace yourself...They had a really nice and clean petting zoo with very calm and friendly animals. I was suprised that all the kids were so excited with no hesitation about petting and feeding the goats, even Maddy. I love this picture!! What a cutie pie! The goats were really excited about her food!SQUEEEEEEZE!!! Kaden gave lots of love to the goats!Poor goat! Kaden decided the goat was a perfect height to ride! Maddy didn't exaclty "pet" the goat, her "pets" turned into "pulls", but the goat didn't even flinch.Kaden is slightly obsessed with animals and has a slightly larger obsession with horses so when he saw the pony rides he was in heaven. He kept tell us,"riiiide horse". It was perfect, they strapped him in nice and tight so we didn't even have to walk around holding him. He was definitely in his element. At one point he even asked for a cowboy hat. I guess we weren't fully prepared with all the gear! There were some big tears when it was time to get off which then earned him a free ride! Lucky boy! Before the day was over he rode the horses 3 times, but could've stayed all night long!Never too young to ride a pony! She is quite a fearless 10 month old. She loved it!This picture perfectly describes their relationship. So cute!!Don't get lost in the corn maze boys!!Maddy was the perfect model! This age is great where they smile on command but stay where you pose them; 2 year olds are a different story!I LOVE pumpkins!!!Pumpkin-head!Hey there girlies!! "The Brotherhood" Finally, all the boys together at last!And of course we can't forget the girls!Buried in straw, how fun!!It is getter harder and harder to get a family picture where both kids are smiling and happy, so this is as good as we got. Then finally a picture of Bryce and I! Usually one of us are on the other side of the camera and the other holding a child! So it was nice to finally get a picture of the two of us.

Thanks for the patience with the endless amount of pictures, I was really excitied about all of them so it was hard to choose a few!