Monday, June 27, 2011


I will start from today. To catch up is way too much, so I will start from today.

Kaden James

My little baby turned into a boy. All four and a half years have felt like a blink. He is a smart kid. He retains information like a sponge. His knowledge of dinosaurs is even more unbelievable. Can you pronounce Quetzalcoatlus? Dinos are his forte but he loves all animals. Kaden went to preschool this year and loved it. His preschool was everyday, so morning cartoons became a luxury on Saturdays. He is amped for Kindergarten, but happy for summer break. Kaden has a strong personality; full of energy. His passion is refreshing. He loves his sister, she is his buddy. Nothing is sweeter than seeing them play together in their own make-believe world. He can't live without his daddy but has a very special place in his heart reserved just for mommy. Today, he is still my baby boy.

Madison Joy
Not sure how my baby girl is three and a half. She is one thousand percent girl, but can hold her own with rough boys. She is a smart cookie. Her eye to detail is astonishing and will basically notice a new freckle on your face. Her vocabulary is impressive for just three years old, which means she rarely stops talking. Maddy loves dressing up and clicking around in her or my heels. She also loves playing "mom" with her babies or stuffed animals. I hear her mimicking me as she parents her babies which is sometimes eye opening. Madison loves to sing. She shares my love of music, but maybe she will have a good voice :) She reenacts singing time from primary every Sunday when we get home. She is excited to start preschool next year and has been paying attention and learning right alongside of Kaden this past year. Madison is a lover. She shares a very sweet bond with her daddy, and has him wrapped around her little finger. Teenage years will be interesting. Today she is still our little Maddy-girl.


Several changes have graced our lives. Bryce is part of the Harris Personal Injury Lawyer family as a case manager and lien specialist. He is working his tail off. He enjoys the challenges his job brings to expand his knowledge. He works in Oceanside so we all have adjusted to the commute. We are enjoying him home on weekends. The Macgregor 26 Sailboat is still his dream that he is bringing Kaden a part of now, his first mate. As the water warms up, his itch for scuba diving is evident and will drag anyone who wants to tag along. Amazing husband and daddy defines him these days. He rocks at both. Today, after seven years, he is still my best friend.


My educational goal has been realized. I am a Registered Dental Hygienist. Yeah, finally! I am also a wife and mommy again, which I missed more than I realized. I am no longer a slave to my books. I work one day a week and the occasional extra job, but still looking for more. I love it! I am also enjoying waking up with my kids, play dates, and freedom four days out of the week. I enjoy cooking dinner most days, but still not a fan of deep cleaning. I do crave all the "girl" time I had with 28 other girls and the constant mental stimulation while in school. A bachelor's degree is in my future, but distant for now. I'm really enjoying the free time to work out, and want to run in a race soon. I am enjoying actually having a summer this year, hence our frequent trips to the pool :) I don't feel like our family is complete yet, but not quite ready for #3. Today I am a wife and mom and I love it.