Friday, January 30, 2009

The Kids + Shopping =
Difficult and stressful, sometimes entirely unsuccessful

The Kids + Shopping + Ice Cream =
YUMMY!!! The sticky mess, totally worth it!!

On a sad note, Maddy added "no" to her vocabulary!! :( Although it is still a very sweet "no" she means it! Great, now I have 2 that can verbally deny me!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love Birds!

Maddy found her self quite the catch! This is our good friends, Josh and Brittany's little cutie pie. I know who Maddy's Valentine is this year! First kiss at 13 months, not too bad!! They are so cute together! They both get so excited when they see each other. The feelings are mutual, although Maddy seems to be the one making the moves! We've got to watch that girl; she has lots of love to give!! Young Love!! Of course we couldn't get a picture of their faces!! Too cute!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blue Man

We have been really working with Kaden in teaching him how to share toys and really play well with other kids because he seems to show them who's boss! So today I picked the kids up from the "nursery at the gym" (as Kaden calls it) and I got an awesome report, actually for both kids, but I was especially excited that Kaden played so well with the other kids. As we were leaving one of the girls gave him a lollipop to reward him. Just to preface, my kids don't really eat candy (unless their uncles sneak it!!) so Kaden was pretty stoked. I thought he deserved his treat since it reiterated our teachings. It literally took him a full hour to finish it, but was farely clean with it. I just thought that he looked so cute with his little blue mouth so I figured I would take a pic before cleaning him. Well, I guess it has been a while since I have eaten a sucker, because I didn't realize that the blue ring around his cute little lips was here to stay!! So we have a little blue man today! We'll see how long it lasts!! I'm so proud of him and his great progress!!He looks awfully guilty! He knows he's getting a real treat! (If you click on the picture to see it closer you can really see the blue!)Yum Yumm!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago the whole Bishop clan was in the same town at the same time, so we planned to take some family pictures. I'm just now getting to posting them, but there are some nice ones, and of course really cute ones of the kids.I mean really, could they be any sweeter!?!The cousins!!Man this family is growing by the second!Kris, Jamie, and Ryan...the only kids left at home!The Bishop crew again!A precious pic of Justin and Andrea's quickly growing family (if you notice the baby bump)We finally got a decent picture of Grandpa and Grandma and the babes!! Their pride and joy!I thought this was a sweet moment that was captured!My little love bugs!!

Ok, I have to preface these next few pictures. Due to the ability of rapid picture taking we caught a funny succession of pictures... Kaden loves to give Maddy kisses, but sometimes they are a little forced (notice the hand on her neck and the plea for help on her face)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Major Major Recap!!!

So I think I should be fired from blogging! I'm a whole month behind!!! So Sorry! But I'll have to recap on Christmas, News Years, and all the fun in between. So here we go...


This was a fun Christmas for us being that the kids are getting older and understanding Christmas a little bit more. We spent Christmas with the Bishop side this year where the whole family was finally together again! Kris has been on his mission and has been the missing link! That will be the Freeman side next year as Justin will be home! I will narrate with pictures because who am I kidding, no one likes to read a lot! The pictures are where its at!Our attempt at a Christmas pageant on Christmas Eve. It was quite chaotic trying to get pictures, but they were good sports!Joseph holding baby Jesus so tendering!! Seriously...this has to be the cutest Angel!!! (I might be a little bias) Did you know Angels had cheeks like those!!When did pant-sing (sp?) start at TWO??? This might be a cruel picture but I thought it was so cute!!
I took mostly video on Christmas morning so I only have a few pictures of the kids and gifts. Santa brought Kaden an awesome fish tank with 9 fish in it!! Everyone of them is named either Nemo or Dory. Unfortunately we've already had 2 fatalities!! :( Santa brought Maddy her first baby doll. She is such a girl and loves them. I think one of her clearest words is "ba-by". They also got an awesome slide from Grammy and Papa Freeman, and a sweet plastic picnic table with bench seats and sand box from Grandma and Grandpa Bishop!! Thanks guys, they love them!!A little Christmas morning love! How sweet!!
Unlike his cousin McKenna who was delighted to recieve clothing, every time Kaden opened up clothes he kept looking for the real gift. He would fling them out like the rest of the tissue paper. Note to self, more toys, less clothes!

New Years

For New Years my parents so graciously rented a cabin up at Big Bear for our whole family to share! It was awesome! We all did some snowboarding or skiing (except for prego Felicity) and traded off watching the kids. It was a blast! The cabin was plenty big to fit our 8 a
dults and 4 kids under 2 years old! Here are some pictures to highlight our tripDaddy took Kaden enjoyed sledding together and Kaden's favorite eating lots of snowballs.Grammy and Papa with their snow bunny. Maddy could barely move in the snow suit. We sat her down and she didn't move!Had to grab a family pic in the beautiful snow!Maddy and Skye, excited to be stuck warm in their suits!Another little snow bunny! Taking a break from sliding down the hill! Playing so hard is hard work!
My little love bug!!Now for the New Years celebration...This was our chocolate fondue party! There was way too much yummy treats to dip including cream puffs, vanilla wafers, prezels, cookies, and more!! We all felt pretty sick afterward!Harmony REALLY enjoyed the chocolate!! (Sorry Harm, had to post it..It was too cute!)Bryce and Eric's celebratory homemade "BOMBS" to ring in the New Year.Happy 2009!! I'm not sure what was up with Bryce's eye?? Maybe a little too excited! :)Umm...not sure what we would look like if we actually drank! Dr. Pepper does the trick I guess!Aren't my parents too cute!! Love to have my dad home! Ok, I don't know if this picture does it justice, but one of the snowboarding/babysitting days, Felicity and I were watching all the kids and Garcey and Kaden sat themselves down in the same chair to watch some "toons" (as Kaden calls them) and munch on some Doritos. Hey they were on vaca too I guess!! When they were done eating like 3 bowl fulls of chips they were covered in nacho cheese and Kaden looked at me and said "Mom, spicy" "Do you want a drink buddy" "OKAY!" I then realized they were eating spicy nacho Doritos. Gracey, the stomach of steel was not phased a bit!! This is SUCH a fun age! They are so cute and the best of friends!!!

Well, you made it!! I'm getting closer to being caught up!! Thanks for enduring the LONG post! Life is good! My new years resolution was to really acknowledge and appreciate how blessed I am with an amazing husband, the sweetest children, and awesome family and friends who are such a great support. I plan on trying to focus more on my everyday blessings as I wake up to two beautiful and healthy children and a loving, hardworking husband every morning. Happy New Years!!