Friday, March 13, 2009

The Last Horray for Winter!

A few weeks ago we went to Mammoth with the whole Bishop clan. It has become a tradition of theirs. Although it is only my second year, I'm liking the tradition! It is really not THAT far, but with two kids in a car for hours I think it took us like 8 hours...all day! The drive was definitely worth it though because we had a blast! Kaden especially LOVED the snow!! It was hard to keep him inside for any length of time. We all had to take turns playing with him in the snow, because we got cold...not my little ball of energy though. Bryce along with his brothers and Eric went snowboarding one of the days and then went sledding with the rest of us the next day. Maddy was a little more apprehensive. I think if her mommy didn't bundle her up so much like a snow bunny she might have liked it better. Also, crawling can't be fun in the snow! Better hopes for next year! Of comes the pictures!!I love my snow bunnies!!Are we loving the snow?!?Poor Maddy, this is how she spent her snow time...cold!Kaden and McKenna loved sledding. Notice the snowball eating...that was also a fan favorite!This was right in front of our cabin. We were so close to the slopes, walking distance for sure!All ready for snowboarding!!
I think this is the cutest picture ever!Grandpa Rowley and Kaden, excited to be together!Grandma Rowley and MaddyGrandpa and Grandma Rowley and their California great-grandkids. It was so nice to have them here for a month, we got spoiled. Now were sad their back in Washington.Bryce and Eric digging out their snow cave!!Kaden dragged Grandma in the snow cave and told her about the polar bears in it! Scary!!Ry Ry with the biggest icicle I've ever seen!!

It was a great trip and fun to have kids big enough to play in the snow!!