Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Enjoying the Sun!

**Random Pic, just wanted to include it!** Modeling their Easter suits before taking a dip!Bryce's Aunt and Uncle, Terry and Beth, came for a sunny California visit with 5 of their kids. Terry decided he wanted to try scuba diving as well as one of their older boys Golden. So on Saturday the whole gang headed up to Laguna Beach for a nice beach day and some diving for the boys. The drive was not pleasant, but the site of the beautiful ocean was!! I was so happy that Bryce was able to take a day off from work and enjoy his passion! It had been like 8 months since he had gone, so it felt good to be one with the water again! :) The pic above, although far away, are the boys in the water.Scuba Steve!! That smile from ear to ear says it all!! (If you can see it that is!)Three of the four divers after their dive; Justin, Golden and Bryce. Poor Terry had some technical difficulties and didn't quite enjoy it as much! Poor guy! What would a post be without pics of the kiddos!The beach brought out the best of their sharing qualities!! Yeah for beach!
No naps, and play, play, deserve a rest on the sand. Maddy likes to copy her big bro. I'd have to say, at the end of the day I also felt like collapsing. But when the kids love it so much, it makes it all worth it!Kaden had a blast playing with all the kids, and for 3 days straight has asked where they are! This is Deacon and Kaden...I know they could totally be brothers, instead, like 2nd cousins or something (not sure how that works). We had a great weekend followed with a very lazy relaxing Sunday! We enjoyed your stay fellow Bishop family!! Don't be strangers!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Easter Easter!!

Our Easter festivities started on Saturday evening with some egg coloring. Truth be told I wasn't so sure how the whole dye with a 2 1/2 year old would work, but he always seems to surprise me in how well he does and how mature he is getting. Maddy did well too, she wanted to eat the eggs more than anything, but she managed to color a few also.
Kaden was very careful and had great direction from Daddy. When they would pull the eggs out of the dye Kaden would exclaim, "ohhhhh, beautiful!!" What a cheese ball!Jamie helped Maddy so I could be the photographer. She really liked the spoon!McKenna and Justin making some pretty designsThis is what I got when I said give me a "cheese". You want one, you got one Mom! I have to say this is my favorite picture they have taken in a long time. The looks on their faces are even better than cheesy grins. They really are such great buds!Grammy somehow pinned them down for a pic!Doesn't my lil' man cub look so handsome!
Checking out the contents of the basket. It was our tradition to always get a bathing suit in our baskets and Bryce's to get a kite, so the Easter bunny was good to them and they got both!I can't smile right now, I have just shoved as much candy as possible in my mouth before my Mom swiftly takes it away! I'm not too young to know what's going on!!We officially have a kiddie table!! Yeah! We had my side of the family and the Bishop side for a combined Easter celebration with lots of yummy food (of course), a fun little egg hunt and of course lots of fun!
Felicity made the kids some cute cupcakes that Kaden thinks he's grabbing on the sly! Daddy is helping Kaden scope out the "good" eggs. It is truely exciting to be a parent and be on the other side of these traditions. Look at the excitement in Bryce's eyes to help his lil' buddy hunt some eggs.I got the "golden egg"!!I made the kids wear their bunny ears while hunting. I think this might have turned into a tradition, they looked way too cute!
I guess he didn't need too much help!Searching through all the goodies!
Last, but not least, the scavengers of the yard!! :0

I hope you all had a great Easter!!

Finally a Nephew!!

Justin and Andrea had a little baby boy a week and a half ago named Corbin James Bishop. All went well, although I'm a little jealous of the 4 hour labor!! We are so excited to finally have a nephew and when he gets a little older another boy for Kaden to hang out with. Congrats you guys, and to McKenna who is now a big sister!! Sorry I don't have any pictures of Mom and Dad with baby Corbin, they get no credit I guess! Sorry!! :)Only 2 hours old here! He was born at 10:46pm and we were so excited we headed to the hospital at midnight when Ryan came over to stay with the kids. I forgot what little angels they are! So precious!What a proud big sister!!This was their first meeting! It was so funny to me that both our kids are so into Corbin. They both want to hold him all the time, even Kaden! Too bad it's not the right timing for a sibling guys!Proud Uncle Bryce! Look how small he is compared to our big ol' kids!Someday you guys will be buddies! I can already tell.A little smooch for the lil' guy!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Do you think we are a little excited for Easter??

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Day Worth Blogging!

After having a nice day of watching General Conference today, we decided we all needed some play time outside. We headed over to Harveston, a housing community with a man-made lake. It is really pretty with gazebo's, paddle boats, waterfalls, and of course ducks! We took some bread and headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather and give the ducks a little snack.Seriously!!! Is this not just the most priceless picture EVER!!Things have been so busy, I didn't even mention Maddy is walking...finally! :) She's actually pretty smart because she got more "mommy-holding-me" time not walking...they are much smarter than we give them credit for. But it's now official, we have 2 toddlers under 2 1/2! Good thing we're young and have lots of energy :)Kaden was counting the ducks for me..I think there were thirteen? Is that right little guy?The boys feeding the ducks.Daddy had to make sure the kids didn't try to swim with the ducks...there were many close calls! Kids are curious :)Can you believe he is just a big boy!! Man, where did the time go?Didn't pose this I swear, just asked for a "cheese"Maddy watching the duckies!!Look at all that crazy hair! She getting quite a bit now!Didn't pose this one either. They were running around together on the grass and Kaden said, "Maddy, give me a hug!" I was excited I caught it on camera. Pure love! They are the best of buddies and love to chase each other!Daddy, Catch me if you can!!

What the...

The other night after the kids went to bed I went to the store to pick up a few things and this is what I came home to...

Yep!!! Full blown MULLET!!! I've been bugging him to cut it, so he did!! Uhhh kinda :)
We both thought it would be pretty hilarious to go to work with this style...but he ended up finishing the job that night!! What a hilarious surprise to come home to! Keep me on my toes Bryceroni!