Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Blazing On!!!

Since it is still crazy hot here, I took advantage of a "End of Summer" sale and got the kids a new pool to play in, since our whale pool from last summer got eaten by mice in the shed. (Sorry LONG sentence, I've always done that huh mom) It was much bigger than I anticipated, but ended up being really fun for the kids. I made it our own little water park by putting their slide into it. It looks really fun... well it is pretty fun. Fortunately, for the kids they have a 5' 2'' mom that could join in the fun down the slid!!! :)That's what brothers are for right? What would an outside play day be without a popsicle?Come join us!!!


The Lehnick Family said...

Wow...they are growing by the minute! I can't believe how big Maddie has gotten...they are adorable as always...and what great fun with the pool!

ATK said...

The joys of summer! We have that same slide and we do exactly the same thing with it. A good 20 minutes of fun. Wish it lasted more like an hour....good luck with dental school. That schould be a good/challenging change for you :)