Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lets Play Catch Up!!

I feel so bad that it has been so long, a month in fact, since I have updated you all with what has been going on in our lives. We have been packing and in the process of moving for basically the last month!! Sadly, we have left the only place we knew of as home. We have lived in Newport Beach ever since we got married and now almost 2 kids later, it is time for us to move and start a new chapter in our lives. We didn't move too far, but about 20 degrees warmer! We now live about an hour south east in Temecula, the same town that Bryce's family lives and only about 30 miles from my sisters and hopefully soon my parents (we hope sooner than later)!! Unfortunately, Bryce has to commute to work, but luckily he goes on off hours so he has yet to hit the dreaded 91 freeway traffic! There has been a lot of transitions in our lives lately but we have seemed to settle in pretty well. Kaden did have a big milestone this past month, he learned to crawl! Yeah!!! He has been so close for a while now, but actually on my mom's birthday(she says he was waiting for the perfect day :)) he decided that he would begin to crawl. We are very excited that he can move himself around from toy to toy now, however, it also opens up a whole new world that he can discover. He manages to find every crumb or small object on the floor and wants to taste test them all! He has already had some bonks to the head because he likes to pull himself up on everything and sometimes doesn't have as much grace and he descends. He is growing up so fast, I can't believe in 2 short months he will be 1 years old!! Kaden is going to be the best older brother!! He is just such a sweetheart and loves to give lots of wet, slobbery kisses. Well now that we are a little more settled, hopefully I can stay a little more on top of this blogging. Here are some pictures from events this past month, hope you enjoy them!!

Fun beach days!!
I love sand!!

My first crawl on the wet sand!!
Beach Bums!!

Hey ladies like our shades?! Izak your daddy is funny!!

My mom took my sister's and I to a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert. We had such a blast!! They are such great performers. If you ever have the chance to see them, you should definitely go!

This pic is for the ladies. We love Tim!!!

Last days with our best buds!!
The Whole Clan!! We will never forget the all the fun times and baby heaven (something is in that water) !!
Me, Stacie, Kristen Wallace, and Kristin Davis. I miss you girlies!!
Kaden and his pals!
Izak, Kaden, Cooper, and Brecke
Kaden was sure to sneak a good-bye kiss from Brecke before we left!! He doesn't mess around!
That's all for now....