Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beach Day!

We are into September and still having beach days, I do love So Cal!! We went last Friday before all the Labor Day crowds, and this time Uncle J and Grammy joined us. Justin said he was excited to finally be a part of a beach day that he always got pictures of on his mish. The water was really warm!! I usually get my feet wet with the kids but on that day it was like a swimming pool so I actually went in all the way!! It was beautiful!! Keep this weather coming!!
The Crew...we're not small, and we're not quiet!!Uncle J built a hole for the kids to play, and they helped him build a sand castleCould Gracey be any cuter!?!
Grammy and the dirty lil Maddy, she's a big fan of getting sand EVERYWHERE!!Skye the lil beach babe!!! She has gotten quite the little tan and her hair gets blonder by the second!! Can you believe she was born with almost black hair!?!This has to be the cutest picture EVER!!! I think it's frame worthy! He spent lots of time playing in the water with his Uncle J.They both loved the ride!! Maddy got dumped a few times but still seemed to mutter "that was fun" under her chattering, scared breath!! She's a trooper!