Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Getaway

We had a little getaway to Las Vegas this past weekend. The Rowley side of the family had a mini family reunion at Grandma and Grandpa's time share condos. We had a great time despite the scorching heat and yucky smoke! We were all able to relax a bit by the pool as well as do some fun activities. Friday was spent settling in and visiting with all the family. Since they live in Washington, there were several family members that hadn't seen Kaden yet, so he attempted to charm them with his three tooth smile!! I think it worked! Once the babies were in bed a group of us went out on the town to enjoy the night life of Vegas while Jamie(Bryce's sister) babysat!! What a sweetheart she is! Saturday morning we retreated to the pool to finally feel cool in the intense heat. Kaden splashed around in his new crab floaty... very cute I must say!! We then spent the rest of the day at Circus Circus watching some circus acts and playing some carnival games. Bryce won Kaden a really cute yellow and orange stuffed lizard that has a long tail that Kaden has a hay day chewing on. I also won him a stuffed animal, a soft doggy to play with which is actually bigger than he is! Two more to add to his huge collection of toys!! Saturday night Jamie graciously babysat again as we went to a very entertaining magic show. Hans!? Sunday was a bit more relaxing as we didn't pack the day quite so full. We did enjoy a very yummy breakfast buffet where Bryce was in heaven with the all you can eat BACON!! His poor arteries!! After some visiting with all of the family, it was time to say goodbye and we headed home Sunday night. We had a great time and really enjoyed visiting with all the family that we rarely see. This week will be full of recovering from a busy but very fun weekend to none other than Sin City!!

Great Grandma and Grandpa Rowley,
Kaden and McKenna

Time to cool off!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm 7 months now!

What a handsome devil!

Could I get any cuter?

I love my Daddy...

and my mommy!!

I'm officially a blogger

I have finally joined the Blogger club!! I hope that this will be a great way for all of our family and friends to stay involved in our lives and feel updated on whats going on with the Bishops, when sometimes its hard to keep in touch. I'm just beginning so bear with me as I figure out all the ins and outs!!