Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Bishops ARE Alive!!

Well well well...the Bishops reappear!! I know it has been WAY too long since I've done an update, so hopefully I can get back into it. It seems like a daunting task to update the last 4 months of our lives, but I will try in a concise manner, hopefully!!

The summer ended freedom in my life and regular stay-at-home-mom stuff! We did have a blast with lots of play dates and lots of fun!!Fall began with a visit from Papa, which is always full of reading books and playing outside.

October was the month of CHANGE!!!! I started Dental Hygiene School on October 7th, and it has been a whirlwind ever since!! The schedule was very challenging for both me and Bryce and the kids. My first term I was gone from 6:30am to about 6pm!! What a change from spending every moment with the kids to spending a few hours in the evening before bed. Then, after tucking the kids into bed starting my night of studying, sadly not having our "us" time as Bryce and I were used to. On the same hand, it has been an awesome experience so far! It has been quite fulfilling learning so much and challenging my mind as I had been out of full time school for a few years. As I should have expected, my family adjusted EXTREMELY well. The kids are so fortunate to have so much loving family to play with. Grammy does the majority of the days but Grandpa, Andrea, Harmony and Felicity have also put in many hours to help lighten the load, and of course Daddy when he is off of work. Bryce has had to take on a lot of extra work and stress. He's a rockstar!! He plays Mr. Mom and runs the business by himself!! Kris, Bryce's brother, is thankfully working with him to atleast lighten his load of owner/accountant/technician/phone answerer (great grammer Tiff). We have the most amazing family and an awesome support system. I am telling you, by the time I'm done this is going to be a CRAZY group effort!!! I am having so much fun and trying to keep up with life flying by. For instance my baby boy turned 3!!!!!

\What an intelligent energetic loving little guy Kaden has become. Some of his favorites still include animals specifically dinosaurs now. He is constantly piecing the world together one question at a time! Nothing gets by this kid! Kaden is a so much fun and is full of life and love!! Grandpa made a killer Lightning McQueen and Mator cake! It was sweet, wish I had those kind of skills!Might be one the sweetest pictures ever!! We had Kaden's Bday at Peltzer Farms, a pumpkin patch where all the kids got to visit the petting zoo, ride the horses and train, as well as find their way through a corn maze. It was tons of fun...totally a Kaden kind of Birthday!
Good looking bunch Grammy! Haven't they all grown so much!

So fitting for Kaden to be a Dinosaur. This kid wants to watch Jurassic Park everyday!! Maddy made the cutest little ladybug!!

Our lil' Maddy girl turned 2!!!!!
Ladybug was the theme since she was so into ladybugs after Halloween!! I was a proud mama after make this cake! After piping the whole cake in pink and black my hand was pretty sore :)

I can't seem to find our Christmas pictures, so this will have to represent! Kaden was so into Santa this year Maddy wouldn't sit on his lap but would stand by him and did manage to warm up to give him a hug! We had a great Christmas and spent it at my parent's house in Santa Maria. It was Justin's first Christmas back so all of us were finally together! It was chaotic and exciting!!! Unfortunately, we ended our Christmas with a really bad car accident on our way home after the Christmas weekend :( We were watched over that night and through Heavenly Father's miracle are all alive. We did leave with some injuries, so the Chiropractor is a frequent stop. Our little Matrix kept us safe but sadly was totaled. We recently replaced it with a Toyota Tundra so now I REALLY feel safe in my big car. Pics from School...My home away from home!!

This was my first real x-ray patient, we practiced on manikins.
These are my carpool girls Marcie and Kristen. We just added another carpool buddy so now I only have to drive 1 week a month!! We have a pretty good studying system on our long drive home!!
We all celebrated our first term at Yard House after finals!! It was fun for everyone to relax and wear something other than our green scrubs! We're the "Emeralds"
My friend Robyn and I
Your Future Hygienists!!

Also exciting news...
Ryan left on his mission to Edmonton, Canada!! This was at his farewell, I will have more pics to follow. We are so proud of him and very excited. He has been in the MTC for about 3 weeks and seems to be doing pretty well!
Grandma Bishop sadly passed away suddenly, so fortunately we were able to take a trip to Utah over my week term break. Ryan reported to the MTC that Wednesday so we got to see him off, visit with family and sadly say goodbye to a generous and loving Grandma. More pictures to come of our week in Utah.

Well if that is not enough oh Bishop happenings, not sure what is! Hopefully now that I'm caught up I can stay current. Thanks for your patience through this post!! :)


Allen Family said...

Wow. You sure have been busy! I'm in awe.

And the Lightning and Mater cakes? Awesome!

Take care.

the murdocks said...

JFDLJDLSL. I loved this post! You totally made up for your lack of posting. You go Tiffany, I am continually impressed by your positive attitude towards life. As busy as you are!! I can't believe how grown up your kids are. It makes me sad we are missing out on that. We want to be back so bad!! And I can't tell you how wonderful it was to hear your voice on my phone the other week. I was so sad I missed seeing you. But I'm glad since Cooper totally fell sick that day. Anyway, I hope all is well and that life has slowed down a bit for you. Hugs, kisses and love.

Lisa said...

Thank you SO much for posting this pic of Grandma. She is actually smiling!?!?!?
I hope that school is going good for you and would love to see you guys again soon!

Jesse & Emily said...

TIFF! I miss you so much! I'm so glad to read an update and know you're still surviving! I love you! xoxo