Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Enjoying the Sun!

**Random Pic, just wanted to include it!** Modeling their Easter suits before taking a dip!Bryce's Aunt and Uncle, Terry and Beth, came for a sunny California visit with 5 of their kids. Terry decided he wanted to try scuba diving as well as one of their older boys Golden. So on Saturday the whole gang headed up to Laguna Beach for a nice beach day and some diving for the boys. The drive was not pleasant, but the site of the beautiful ocean was!! I was so happy that Bryce was able to take a day off from work and enjoy his passion! It had been like 8 months since he had gone, so it felt good to be one with the water again! :) The pic above, although far away, are the boys in the water.Scuba Steve!! That smile from ear to ear says it all!! (If you can see it that is!)Three of the four divers after their dive; Justin, Golden and Bryce. Poor Terry had some technical difficulties and didn't quite enjoy it as much! Poor guy! What would a post be without pics of the kiddos!The beach brought out the best of their sharing qualities!! Yeah for beach!
No naps, and play, play, deserve a rest on the sand. Maddy likes to copy her big bro. I'd have to say, at the end of the day I also felt like collapsing. But when the kids love it so much, it makes it all worth it!Kaden had a blast playing with all the kids, and for 3 days straight has asked where they are! This is Deacon and Kaden...I know they could totally be brothers, instead, like 2nd cousins or something (not sure how that works). We had a great weekend followed with a very lazy relaxing Sunday! We enjoyed your stay fellow Bishop family!! Don't be strangers!!


Eric, Harmony, and Skye said...

They are so adorable! See ya Tuesday!