Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Day Worth Blogging!

After having a nice day of watching General Conference today, we decided we all needed some play time outside. We headed over to Harveston, a housing community with a man-made lake. It is really pretty with gazebo's, paddle boats, waterfalls, and of course ducks! We took some bread and headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather and give the ducks a little snack.Seriously!!! Is this not just the most priceless picture EVER!!Things have been so busy, I didn't even mention Maddy is walking...finally! :) She's actually pretty smart because she got more "mommy-holding-me" time not walking...they are much smarter than we give them credit for. But it's now official, we have 2 toddlers under 2 1/2! Good thing we're young and have lots of energy :)Kaden was counting the ducks for me..I think there were thirteen? Is that right little guy?The boys feeding the ducks.Daddy had to make sure the kids didn't try to swim with the ducks...there were many close calls! Kids are curious :)Can you believe he is just a big boy!! Man, where did the time go?Didn't pose this I swear, just asked for a "cheese"Maddy watching the duckies!!Look at all that crazy hair! She getting quite a bit now!Didn't pose this one either. They were running around together on the grass and Kaden said, "Maddy, give me a hug!" I was excited I caught it on camera. Pure love! They are the best of buddies and love to chase each other!Daddy, Catch me if you can!!


The Mo You Know said...

your kids are so adorable!

The Lehnick Family said...

Such sweet pictures of those two!

the murdocks said...

Cute pics Tiff! Love the one of them hugging. And seriously...I am so jealous of the hair. I would kill for ANY hair on my girl's head!