Friday, April 17, 2009

Finally a Nephew!!

Justin and Andrea had a little baby boy a week and a half ago named Corbin James Bishop. All went well, although I'm a little jealous of the 4 hour labor!! We are so excited to finally have a nephew and when he gets a little older another boy for Kaden to hang out with. Congrats you guys, and to McKenna who is now a big sister!! Sorry I don't have any pictures of Mom and Dad with baby Corbin, they get no credit I guess! Sorry!! :)Only 2 hours old here! He was born at 10:46pm and we were so excited we headed to the hospital at midnight when Ryan came over to stay with the kids. I forgot what little angels they are! So precious!What a proud big sister!!This was their first meeting! It was so funny to me that both our kids are so into Corbin. They both want to hold him all the time, even Kaden! Too bad it's not the right timing for a sibling guys!Proud Uncle Bryce! Look how small he is compared to our big ol' kids!Someday you guys will be buddies! I can already tell.A little smooch for the lil' guy!


greenqueen said...

Love all the smiles. They are so happy, and why wouldn't they be?! Loving Kaden's hair. . .you rock, woman!