Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Easter Easter!!

Our Easter festivities started on Saturday evening with some egg coloring. Truth be told I wasn't so sure how the whole dye with a 2 1/2 year old would work, but he always seems to surprise me in how well he does and how mature he is getting. Maddy did well too, she wanted to eat the eggs more than anything, but she managed to color a few also.
Kaden was very careful and had great direction from Daddy. When they would pull the eggs out of the dye Kaden would exclaim, "ohhhhh, beautiful!!" What a cheese ball!Jamie helped Maddy so I could be the photographer. She really liked the spoon!McKenna and Justin making some pretty designsThis is what I got when I said give me a "cheese". You want one, you got one Mom! I have to say this is my favorite picture they have taken in a long time. The looks on their faces are even better than cheesy grins. They really are such great buds!Grammy somehow pinned them down for a pic!Doesn't my lil' man cub look so handsome!
Checking out the contents of the basket. It was our tradition to always get a bathing suit in our baskets and Bryce's to get a kite, so the Easter bunny was good to them and they got both!I can't smile right now, I have just shoved as much candy as possible in my mouth before my Mom swiftly takes it away! I'm not too young to know what's going on!!We officially have a kiddie table!! Yeah! We had my side of the family and the Bishop side for a combined Easter celebration with lots of yummy food (of course), a fun little egg hunt and of course lots of fun!
Felicity made the kids some cute cupcakes that Kaden thinks he's grabbing on the sly! Daddy is helping Kaden scope out the "good" eggs. It is truely exciting to be a parent and be on the other side of these traditions. Look at the excitement in Bryce's eyes to help his lil' buddy hunt some eggs.I got the "golden egg"!!I made the kids wear their bunny ears while hunting. I think this might have turned into a tradition, they looked way too cute!
I guess he didn't need too much help!Searching through all the goodies!
Last, but not least, the scavengers of the yard!! :0

I hope you all had a great Easter!!


robyn said...

Such a cute post! I love the bunny ears. And I can't believe how fast Maddie is growing! I swear she has grown up so much in the past couple months! So cute! Glad you had a good Easter!

The Millers said...

Sounds like everything worked out well with Easter. The bunny ears are adorable! How fun to continue in family traditions, and also creating your own new ones! What a precious family you guys are! Thanks again for letting us come stay with you guys, it was so fun!