Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentines...A 3 Day Event!

{I finally got a moment to post!!! Yeah!!}

We had a great Valentine's Day this year that lasted a couple of days. That is my style of holiday, make it last as long as possible! Ours started on Friday, the day before Valentine's Day. The kid's friends, Justin and Elizabeth, hosted a Valentine's Day party at their house. There were 9 kids the oldest being 3 and the youngest 3 months old. They decorated cupcakes, played pin the lips on the heart, and played with all of their fun toys. Here are some cute pics to follow...Decorating is a serious thing around here!The kids actually lined up and stayed for a picture! AMAZING!! Charlotte is missing from this picture, but these were all the big kids. Kaden and Justin were twins for the day!! Maddy looks like such a big girl!! She's growing up too fast!

Day 2 was Valentine's Day. Bryce had to work all day, so the kids and I just hung out. This was the first Valentine's Day night in a few years that Bryce wasn't working, helping others have an enjoyable night at the restaurant. So we decided that instead of fighting the crowds, we would have a mellow night at home and enjoy the time we had to spend together as a couple and as a family. Life gets so busy, it's nice to chill for a night! So I decided to put my cooking skills to the test and made a pretty tasty meal. It included chow mein, orange chicken and cream cheese wontons. After prepping all day and cooking all evening, I then realized why people go OUT to dinner!! However, it was pretty yummy and fun to make a special meal for my family. I guess the kids were feeling the love also because as they were playing in the bath, Kaden out of the blue wrapped his arm around Maddy and said, "Mom, cheeeeese!!" Maddy was soon to follow and out came the camera. Priceless moments of pure love! I'd have to say, it has been difficult and a lot of hard work raising two kids 13 months apart, but at this stage, I am so greatful they have each other and already share such a special bond. We finally put the kids to bed and enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider, or "bubbles" as the kids call it! I truly LOVE Bryce with all my heart! He is a great companion that is a great support and always encourages me to do my best! Although our lives haven't seemed to be a "piece of cake" I would never want to walk through it with anyone else...I love you! Muah!

Ok, Ok, enough of the mushy gushy huh!! :) Day 3 of our Valentines was on the Monday to follow. My mom and sisters came up for a belated Valentines Day party. We were determined to have it even if it was late and to bake/decorate cookies with the kids... It was quite a hit! I didn't know how well a couple of 2 year olds would do, but I was impressed!!Grammy taught Kaden and Gracey how to roll out the dough. I didn't know he could be so patient!They had a blast with the cookie cutters. Kaden of course wanted to make all of the cookies a "BIIIIIIG Heart!!"While the big kids made cookies, the little girls hung out with Harmony and of course Maddy ate... suprise, suprise!! (For those of you who don't know Maddy as well, she is our resident garbage exaggeration! Seriously!!)Test the frosting...All is well, ready to decorate...Final product...DELICIOUS!!This is Gracey in a nutshell! :)A day with all the grandkids and Grammy would not be complete without our best attempt to coral the lil' guys and force them to say "cheeeese" a million times! They are all good sports!Like I said...our best attempt!Can you believe that these are the babies!!Our afternoon ended with a little Mother-Daughters date! Jamie so graciously watched ALL 4 kids while we went to a movie. It was such a treat! As you can see we take celebrating seriously in this house!! Stretch it out as long as possible. I always love a reason to have a party!! What's next...St Pattys??


the murdocks said...

That day was definitely true Tiffany-style! Your v-day was far more impressive than any christmas I've ever had. I can't believe how big Kaden is! And what the heck Maddy...she almost looks as old as Kaden! Please don't tell me time goes by that fast. I want to keep Reese this small forever and ever. Miss you. Hugs!

Andrea said...

Hey Tiffany! I totally have to agree with you on the struggles of raising kids so close together. Mine are 12 mths and 9 days apart. But I do have to say watching them interact now and how much fun they have makes all that hard work worth it. Ur babies are too cute.

The Lehnick Family said...

How fun! You all certainly did have lots of fun for Valentines! Can't believe how big everyone is getting! Time for another Tiff! LOL...just due time though...can't wait to see you all soon! Love ya!

Josh, Trisha, Braden & Mackenzie said...

your kids are so dang cute. my husband and I had the same idea of just staying home on valentines was nice. your dinner sounds better than mine was :)

Paul & Ashley Giddings said...

Tiffany! It has been forever! You have the most adorable little family. Whenever I see Lisa, which unfortunately isn't very often, I ask how you are doing, so I am really glad I found your blog! Kind of crazy all the connections of Murrieta people that link you to other. Hope you're okay with me linking you now! You look great by the happy!