Monday, February 2, 2009

Amazing Weather: Round 2

We are enjoying our second wave of awesome 70-80 degree weather!! I hope all of you enjoying the snow don't hate us in SoCal!! :) So we decided to head to the beach on Saturday with a whole gang of people. We went with Bryce's parents and Grandparents visiting from Washington, Jamie, Justin, Andrea, and McKenna; and met Eric, Harmony, Skye and my mom there! We were quite a crew! Unfortunately I was busy taking pictures of all the kids so I don't have evidence of everyone there! It was SO beautiful! A few weeks ago I went with my sisters to the beach and Felicity said you know whenever I start to complain about it being so expensive to live down here I will remember that we are chillin' at the beach in January! I SO agree. We are very fortunate to live so close to the beach and be able to enjoy it all year round! So here are the pics!Daddy and his lil' chunky monkey!
PS. Look how skinny my hubby has gotten! All that hard work pays off!!Daddy and Jamie with Kaden in the FREEZING water!COLD, but HAPPY!! Cold water doesn't ever effect kids!Maddy was the definition of water baby!! She could not get enough of it and would just book it into the waves without a care! Try to catch me!!Justin burying McKenna's toesies with sand. What a sweet moment! Grandma playing with Maddy in the water. She's on her way to walking, but not quite there!Skye was all about exploring the sand!!Whats a beach day without a wagon ride! I think Justin got his workout for the day!Also being burried in a necessity! Skye really is that teeny compared to the other kids!! What a cutie! The End!!


robyn said...

I am so envious of you guys right now. I would definitely take a beach day right now! Looks like you guys had fun and Bryce is looking way skinny! (Not too skinny Bryce, don't worry) What a cute fam!!

greenqueen said...

The kids are growing up too fast! I love the beach. And beach pix. You guys are such fun parents!

Andrea said...

I am super jealous! We have had some nice days here, but no beach to spend them at. lol

Lisa said...

Hi Tiffany,
You probably don't know who I am, but I'm Bryce's cousin that lives in Utah. I hope you don't mind, but I found your blog through Amber's, and am hoping it's okay if I check it out. (I didn't want to be a creepy blog stalker) Tell Bryce "hi" and maybe we can meet up when we come to visit in April.
Thanks, Lisa.