Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rainy Day Project

My mom and I decided to do some arts and crafts on Friday since it was raining all day. I've been wanting to make something to hold all of Maddy's hair accessories instead of just shoving them into a small box. So we dragged the kids to Michaels to get our supplies, put them down for a nap when we got home, and started our crafts. We made 2 bow/headband holders and some flowers to attach to her headbands. It was easier than I thought it would be and a lot of fun to do it with my mom! Thanks Mom! Thanks kids for taking good naps for us!!
This one is for of her flowers and bows.
PS Don't mind the hideous wood paneling in their closet!
This second one is to hold all Maddy's headbands. This girl isn't hurting for accessories!!These are the flowers we made! I'd have to say they turned out pretty cute for our first time. We make a good team Mom! We had a little system going by the end!Final products; headband and all!Of course we had to model a couple of them. Maddy LOVES wearing her headbands! In fact if there happens to be one laying on the floor or she gets one out of the diaper bag, she attempts to put it on and then goes along with her playing, crooked and all!Kinda a funny face there girl! Maddy has mastered taking pictures and saying "cheeeeese" as you can tell!No headbands for Kaden, just a cute smile!!


Felicity May said...

I love the new accessories and I love Kaden's new shoes.Rob says he gets his sense of style from his uncle:)

The Lehnick Family said...

You go TIff! Wish you lived closer...we could be in business together! You did great! I didn't know you didn't have bow holders...I would of sent one with your mom! Oh, well...looks like you had lots of fun!

Steve and Jeri May said...

Your children are adorable. I always get an update from Felicity. How fun to do a "crafty" thing with your Mom. You girls are so blessed to have her.

Take Care,

Josh, Trisha, Braden & Mackenzie said...

wow you did an excellent job. I need to do that for sure!!!

The Allen Family said...

Hi Tiffany. I saw your blog on Andrea's (hope that's okay). I love that idea for Maddy's hair bows! So cute. Thanks for coming to the Vday party--we had fun. We should get the kids together again soon.