Monday, November 24, 2008

And the Critics Say.....A-MAZING!!!!

Twilight was AWESOME!!! Not only was it an awesome movie, it was such a fun night. Friday night Andrea and I drove down to Oceanside to join the Twilight Pre-movie Party at Felicity's friend Leanne's house. (Thanks Leanne!! We had a blast!) We indulged in yummy snacks and some fun trivia. Then about 40 of us headed to the theatre for some VIP treatment. Due to another friend's hookups, we got into the movie without waiting in line, and had roped off seats waiting for us!! Thanks again Ashley!! I had purposely set my standards a little low so that I wouldn't be disappointed but it blew them out of the water!! Of course books always have more detail and more insight to emotions, however, I thought that the movie was extremely well done!! LOVED IT!! Only complaint, it was too short. It definitely left me waiting for more! Can't wait to see it again!!Us girls partying it up, Twilight style! The group before we headed out to meet Edward!Do we look a little excited!?! Can't wait!!

Thanks Bryce for being Mr. Mom for the night! The kids had a fun night with their Daddy!!


the murdocks said...

Absolutely jealous. I want to see it so bad! And I had no clue you were a twilight fan...we could've talked it up together :) The party looked so fun! There is nothing more fun than talking about/loving twilight with other crazy fans. Except when you're at a book club at sandy mccormicks house and her CREEPILY obsessed friend comes over and shares too much.

Wallace Family said...

I loved it too. totally thought i would hate it and I loved it. I want to see it at least 40 more times! :) lol :) can't wait to see you guys! happy thanksgiving!