Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween...A little late!

I'm finally getting to post some Halloween pictures! We had a fun Halloween night full of trick-or-treating and partying it up at Bryce's parents house. We figured we wouldn't get any kids at our house so we helped hand out candy at Bryce's parent's house and also enjoyed a little of Jamie's party. Bryce, his brother's, and Eric all made a haunted spook alley for Jamie's friends to freak out in. It worked really well with the girls! And some pics...For all of you Madagascar fans, Kaden was Marty for Halloween. This was the only time he would keep the head on. It was the best part, but we should have known he wouldn't be a fan. He looked awfully cute though! Mommy's little lamb! Of course Maddy had no issues with her hood, except she got hot. That's Cali for you, hot on Halloween!Yes, that is my man cub! I didn't know someone so handsome could get so...well...scary! Check out those teeth! Somehow, I had a different vision of a vampire...Edward!! :)I tried to be scary! I have to admit, I felt much more scary than now I can see that I looked. It was the first Halloween in my life that I dressed up as something scary and not cute and girly! Bryce and I were discussing our past costumes and I found it hilarious that everything he was it had to be dead. Like if he wanted to be a...clown for example, he had to be a dead clown. What a difference between girls and boys huh! FYI this is the best way to trick-or-treat with little ones!! It was perfect!Maddy loved the ride! She sat in her seat the whole time, just content with the ride!Eric and Harmony came up to join in on our Halloween fun! Skye was a cute little dragonfly.Kaden kept checking on his treats to make sure they were still in his bag. I think he was in shock at how many treats he was getting and that Bryce and I were excited for him to get them. He was so much fun to take and said "Trick or Treat" (with emphasis on the TREAT) to every house! What a fun night!