Saturday, November 8, 2008

Poor Little Guy!

Kaden had his first major injury the other night! Besides bumps and bruises nothing serious has ever happened to him. But it was just a matter of time, and unfortunately, he fell and busted his eyebrow open! Poor little guy! With much deliberation about whether we thought he needed stitches, we decided to ask a pro. Luckily our friend Dave who is a PA was able to come to our rescue. He assessed Kaden and let us know that stitches would be the best route. So 5 stitches later, he is on his way to a full recovery! We can't express our appreciation to Dave enough!! We owe you BIG!!Our little Frankenstein!! He is actually doing really well. It doesn't seem to bother him that much only when he need to clean, neosporin, or band aid it.
Poor guy had to be restrained to be able to stitch him up. His Daddy was very brave and held his head in place to ensure he didn't move. I was proud that I was tough enough to also be there trying to calm him down. I knew that it would be better if he could see both Bryce and I, so I mentally prepped myself for painful screams from my baby and stood by his side. Bryce was much stronger than I, and was able to be by his side the whole time to help his little buddy! Good thing kids are so resilient! We love you Kaden!


the murdocks said...

Oh poor little guy!! I HATED when Dave had to hold Cooper down screaming when he got his in. I was so wussy, I had to leave the room :) Brave little guy!

The Lehnick Family said... sorry are right, kids are so probably bothers you more than him, but so hard to see your little one go through an injury! 18 years down the road you will have stories to tell him..think of it that way. Love ya guys, Dolly