Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pre-Easter Festivities

With the few days I have with the kids during the day, I decided to enjoy an Easter activity with them...making Easter cookies. They had a blast!! There were not many left when Daddy came home because the kids would decorate and then eat!! My kids are at such a fun age that they can do projects and activities and LOVE to do them! I treasure my Fridays!!
Patiently waiting, 8 minutes seem like forever in a kids eye!
Proud of his creation!

Meet Maddy...crazy as ever, but in the same breathe, sweet as ever too! What a combo!

Saturday morning Justin and I took the kids to the Murrieta Spring Eggtravaganza. It was quite an ordeal in that there were TONS of kids and all the eggs went in seriously 30 seconds. There was a petting farm and a chance to go on and look at a fire truck. We had a great morning.

Egg Dying at the Bishops...

All ready for Easter!!


Steve and Jeri May said...

So glad to see your family fun. I know these last months must have been challenging, but you're doing it-and we're all proud of you too.

Take Care,

Allen Family said...

It was so fun seeing you guys at the Easter Egg hunt. Thanks for letting us cut in line with you. :) Your kids are so cute. I love their little personalities.