Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Day

We are fortunate to have both of our families so close by so we spent Easter in Oceanside with the Freeman clan and Murrieta with the Bishop clan. It was a long day full of fun!! The kids had 3 hunts in one day (the Easter bunny came to our house and hid their dyed real eggs)
Night before Easter, excited about leaving their baskets and dyed eggs for the Easter bunny!
Easter morning...they were so excited I thought it was Christmas morning. Their baskets were right where they left them just full of fun things, and the eggs were hidden around the house.
This picture might just portray Maddy to a "T"!!!

Easter morning with the Freeman Clan...
When she prayed for grand kids she had NO idea!!

Easter Afternoon with the Bishops

These girls are trouble together!! Too much personality in such little bodies!! :) (stole it off your blog Andrea, thanks!)
Such a fun day! The kids got to play with ALL of their cousins and were on a sugar high all day!!! We have the best family that makes holidays so much fun!!


Wallace Family said...

how fun! i love Maddy's expressions! Can't wait to see you guys!

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

oh my goodness. your kids could not be any cuter! Brought back many great memories of Rowley easter egg hunts. Am thrilled that the tradition continues.

Felicity May said...

Thanks for making the trek to see us! I sure miss you! Loved playing with your kids on Tues! -XOXO

Mohamed said...

Good bless them