Friday, July 17, 2009

5 Years of Sheer Bliss!!!

Yesterday Bryce and I celebrated our 5 Year Anniversary! I don't know if we could've predicted our lives 5 years ago, but that is what makes life so exciting! We are continually growing and learning, but we both feel that we have a great relationship with lots of love and laughter; and that we make a great team with our strengths and weaknesses. We were laughing the other day as we were talking about our upcoming "big day" that we got married so young that I will only be 69 when we celebrate 50 years!! Still a young buck! CRAZY!!
We had a great day together yesterday! Bryce worked in the morning and then we spent the afternoon in Newport Beach while Jamie watched the kids. It was so fun to go back to where it all began and drive by our old homes and our favorite spots in Newport and reminese. We have tons of fun memories there which was great to reflect upon. We did all the fun stuff: rode on the ferry over to Balboa, walked around the peninsula, went to the Wedge and watched all the boats go in and out of the harbor...I miss you Newport!Then we headed up to Manhattan Beach for a AMAZING dinner at Flemings! We got to visit with our old friends we both worked with and were treated like a King and Queen. We arrived to our beautiful booth with flowers on the table, a Kenyon touch! It was so nice to just eat and visit and not have to be feeding other little mouths. I savored every bite!! I will describe the food as best I can but words really don't do it justice. I guess it is a blessing and a curse to know what real fine dining is like. Such a treat, but the more you have it the more you want it!! We started with an appitizer platter with BBQ shrimp, scallops, and lobster tempura. I think we could've both eaten a whole plate of lobster tempura, it was DIVINE!! Moving on...We both got wedge salads, again how can a salad taste so good?? I got Halibut on a bed of baby spinach with a delicious pomegranate bernaise sauce, and Bryce got a bone-in rib-eye with Flemings potatoes and snap peas as our sides. Can you tell I'm still excited about it? We of course got a lava cake for dessert and were STUFFED!!! What a great day and night we had. Thanks Flemings staff for making our night so special. It was so fun to just be mellow with no schedule and no real place to be but just with each other. It was really nice to have that quality time together!! Happy 5 years babe!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cabin Fever!!

We had a great mini vaca this past weekend. We went up to my parent's cabin in Huntington Lake and celebrated my birthday, Eric's birthday, and of course the 4th of July!! It was some what of a nostalgic trip for me to bring my kids up there for the first time. Since I can remember we have been going up to the cabin every summer; that's how us Freeman's camp!! It was my mom's parents cabin, which she spent many summers at, and now we had the pleasure to take our kids!! For going on a vaca with kids, I think it has been the most relaxing since. There is not a lot of people, our dock is in a small cove and it is just so peaceful!! On Friday my mom rented a house boat for us to cruise around the lake on. The weather was beautiful, it was relaxing, and the kids had a blast!! Here we go...Takin' it all in!
Daddy and his princess! Isn't it beautiful?
The kids definitely were into helping Daddy driveThe Girlies!
Captain B totally in his element!
My mom was very patient with Kaden wanting to fish and hold it all by himself. If you have trolled before you know it takes some strength, sorry dude, maybe when you're older!As my Dad always told us, I made my fish lips and...that's right a fish!! There is a certain thrill you get after catching a fish. They were really biting that day. I caught one more that made it right up to the boat but then got off, an another while reeling in. I could've fished for hours!!Sushi?!? Yuck, I preferred mine cooked! We did in fact BBQ them that night and had a fish fry! (Same fish, I only caught 1)Harmony's proud fish of the day. We're glad she was there, she is the master gutter! Eric also shared in the luck that day!
The kids enjoyed the hammock; they loved to swing.Can't believe I'm already 24. Married for almost 5 years with 2 kids, who would've thought!! German Chocolate Cake...MY FAV!!
Grammy, Maddy and her pine cone she couldn't separate with!
She is too cute for words, although that is a pretty goofy smile!
On Friday night we went on the infamous walk to the Dam. It is quite a walk and we did it without strollers! I can't express how peaceful it is! Is is such a small lake it never gets much traffic.
Breathe taking...the scenery that is!That's my big boy!! So cute!The kids had so much fun playing in the water and sand. It was nice for them to play in the water and not have to worry about the waves. Also, I forget how refreshing fresh water is!!I swear you can't feel a thing when your a kid. This water is literally melted snow. There is a stream the feeds into this cove that comes straight from snow! The wussy dad's had wetsuits, gloves, and booties on and said it was still cold! :) I remember swimming in it for hours when I was a kid, now my toes get wet!
Happy 4th!! The girls in their matching 4th outfits. Unfortunately, there can be no fireworks in the mountains!!
Eric's B-day is on the 4th. Happy Birthday E-rock!!
That night the boys made a fire pit for us all to enjoy. It was a doozy of a pit I might add with comfy stumps!
Good hygiene girls!! This kept them busy while we packed up to leave!

It was a long trip home, but I'd have to say worth. We had a great time and can't wait to return soon!! Stay tuned for Bryce's Man-venture!!! (I'm waiting on some pics!)