Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love Birds!

Maddy found her self quite the catch! This is our good friends, Josh and Brittany's little cutie pie. I know who Maddy's Valentine is this year! First kiss at 13 months, not too bad!! They are so cute together! They both get so excited when they see each other. The feelings are mutual, although Maddy seems to be the one making the moves! We've got to watch that girl; she has lots of love to give!! Young Love!! Of course we couldn't get a picture of their faces!! Too cute!!


The Lehnick Family said...

Adorable...one to definately write down in the baby book...and show her later! What a little cutie she is...your friends little one cute too!

Andrea said...

So cute!!! It is so funny to watch little ones interact with eachother. Avery has a girlfriend, who, when she wants a hug takes him down at the knees to get it. lol.

the murdocks said...

It seems both your kids love to make out! So cute.