Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blue Man

We have been really working with Kaden in teaching him how to share toys and really play well with other kids because he seems to show them who's boss! So today I picked the kids up from the "nursery at the gym" (as Kaden calls it) and I got an awesome report, actually for both kids, but I was especially excited that Kaden played so well with the other kids. As we were leaving one of the girls gave him a lollipop to reward him. Just to preface, my kids don't really eat candy (unless their uncles sneak it!!) so Kaden was pretty stoked. I thought he deserved his treat since it reiterated our teachings. It literally took him a full hour to finish it, but was farely clean with it. I just thought that he looked so cute with his little blue mouth so I figured I would take a pic before cleaning him. Well, I guess it has been a while since I have eaten a sucker, because I didn't realize that the blue ring around his cute little lips was here to stay!! So we have a little blue man today! We'll see how long it lasts!! I'm so proud of him and his great progress!!He looks awfully guilty! He knows he's getting a real treat! (If you click on the picture to see it closer you can really see the blue!)Yum Yumm!!


The Millers said...

oh the joy of sticky blue suckers! He does look like on happy boy though. On a side's cool to hear you are back in school, hopefully it won't be too stressful! Good luck Tiff! You are an amazing woman...and a wonderful hubby to support you!

robyn said...

At least it matches those cute blue eyes!! :)

Josh, Trisha, Braden & Mackenzie said...

what a cutie pie!!