Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Visit From Grandpa and Grammy!

My dad left his "home" in Africa to come to his "real" home and payed us all a nice visit. The days always seem too short and the time passes by much too fast, but amidst the chaos of babyland, it is always nice to have some quality time with my parents and especially my dad when he is home. So of course we had to head to the beach for some sandy fun!
Kaden and Gracey helped Grandpa dig a hole to play in. It offered much enjoyment and a break from chasing them around!The tide came up and filled the hole with water so they had their personal swimming pool which they absolutely loved!!
Maddy is in Grammy heaven!Grammy and Kaden enjoying the waves! (Uncle JJ I think we might have a beach bum in the making!)Maddy could not get enough of the sand, especially in her mouth. They all go through the sand eating time, I stopped trying to prevent it and decided that it wouldn't kill her! She enjoyed the tide coming up and the cold water on her little or should I say plump legs! Gracey is content in her domain, "The Beach!" and too cute for words!There is a hand full of sand in those little grippers!Cousin Fun! Skye showed Maddy how to get around in the sand!
We miss you already Grandpa and Grammy. We had a fun visit and can't wait for the next one!! Love you!


The Millers said...

How fun!! I can't wait until Linds and I both have kids...we'll take them to the beach all the time! Why is your pa down in Africa?