Friday, August 15, 2008


I had to post a precious moment I had with Kaden this evening. I kinda had a rough evening and fussy kids didn't help. Kaden fought taking a bath, brushing his teeth, and tried to prolong bed time as long as he could. When I finally got him calmed down in his room we were saying our prayers and he was sitting on my lap facing me. My eyes were closed saying the prayer and I felt a tiny soft hand rub my cheek a few times, more like pet my cheek very softly. When I finished I opened my teary eyes and he was staring right at me. He looked at me and stared into my eyes and said "wove" (translation: I love you) It was one of the sweetest moments I have had with Kaden. Not only was he being so gentle and sweet but I saw that he really understood "wove" and didn't just say it because we asked him too. I wanted to make sure I posted this moment so I don't forget it. I love you Kaden!!


Jesse & Emily said...

I wove you too Tiff!! SOOOOOO CUTE!! :)

the murdocks said...

Awwwweeeee! I am almost in tears...I love those sweet moments that erase all the frusteration.

greenqueen said...

That is so precious. So much to wove when it comes to you (and no, this isn't a reference to size!).
Our kids neeed to be buddies!

Andrea said...

Hey Tiffany-
This is Andrea Butler. I don't know if you remember me or not, but I grew up in Nipomo and Arroyo Grande and was pretty good friends with Bryce. I found you guys off Ruth Williams blog. Your kids are soo adorable!! It is so fun when they are this age. I have two as well. They are soo much fun. Check out our blog anytime -