Friday, July 25, 2008

Summertime Fun!!

We have had a great summer so far and spent most of it outdoors. Kaden is constantly standing by the door saying "side", which of course means outside. We have had lots of fun pool days, park days, and our own backyard days. I'm with Kaden, might as well enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts, as long as it's not too hot!! Maddy is finally sturdy enough to ride in the wagon! Yeah another mode of transportation! Their skin definitely doesn't do our play time justice! My little whities!! I think it's the lighting!! :)She poses so well for me, she needs to give Kaden a few tips!Perfect seat for you KK! First of many tree climbs I'm sure! Assisted tree climbs of course!They both enjoy the crab floaty! It seems as though he loves the pool more and more everytime we go.Maddy is our water baby!! Loved it from day one! She gets her feet kicking so fast that she actually moves herself. Future Olympian swimmer I guess! :)I might be biased but isn't she just the cutest thing ever!! She just learned how to clap her hands which is so cute. She actually knows the word and will clap if you ask her to. Smart cookie! She also just recently said "mama", a very happy moment for me. Now she can say dada, mama, and a whole lot of babbling we can't quite make out yet. What a happy little monkey!!I had to throw this one in here, I'm sure Kaden will hate me for it later. He got a hold of a pair of fake glasses I used to sport, and enjoyed running around the house looking extra intelligent! My kids are so much fun! This is such a fun age for both of them (amidst the days I want to pull my hair out). They really are such fun little munchkins! Now if we can just keep it to two for a while that would be most terrific!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lots to Celebrate!

We have had a month of celebrating! Too much fun, no time to blog! So now that it has died down a bit I have a moment to let you in on our festivities! Enjoy!
We celebrated my birthday at the beginning of the month with lots of family and lots of German Chocolate favorite!! Yum Yum! If your wondering, my crown says "Birthday Princess", is that not perfect! Thanks Mom!
4th of July was next. We celebrated it in Carlsbad with Eric and Harmony (also Eric's Bday) and my mom. Unfortunately, it was so foggy at the beach that no fireworks were seen, but we had a fun day at the pool and of course yummy food.We also celebrated our 4 year Anniversary! I can't believe it! We had a fun paddle boat ride in a nearby community lake and enjoyed chocolate-covered strawberries, Martinelli's, and the beautiful sunset. I must say it was quite romantic!!We also enjoyed a visit from Grammy! We are always sad when our right-hand woman has to go back home! Your such a big help mom, and a great babysitter!!