Monday, July 21, 2008

Lots to Celebrate!

We have had a month of celebrating! Too much fun, no time to blog! So now that it has died down a bit I have a moment to let you in on our festivities! Enjoy!
We celebrated my birthday at the beginning of the month with lots of family and lots of German Chocolate favorite!! Yum Yum! If your wondering, my crown says "Birthday Princess", is that not perfect! Thanks Mom!
4th of July was next. We celebrated it in Carlsbad with Eric and Harmony (also Eric's Bday) and my mom. Unfortunately, it was so foggy at the beach that no fireworks were seen, but we had a fun day at the pool and of course yummy food.We also celebrated our 4 year Anniversary! I can't believe it! We had a fun paddle boat ride in a nearby community lake and enjoyed chocolate-covered strawberries, Martinelli's, and the beautiful sunset. I must say it was quite romantic!!We also enjoyed a visit from Grammy! We are always sad when our right-hand woman has to go back home! Your such a big help mom, and a great babysitter!!


Jesse & Emily said...

TIFF!!! You look amazing!! I miss you guys so much! I think I say that on every comment!! I'm so glad you've had lots to celebrate! I love you!! xoxoxo

greenqueen said...

yeah! hot pix, tan woman! wish we lived closer. glad things are going well.

the murdocks said...

Happy BIRTHDAY TIFF! Oh man, I am terrible with them. I did remember it...but we were in Canada and couldn't call. I did think of you!! And holy monkey you are tan girl!