Thursday, June 26, 2008

Half Way There!

Could it be true? Is Maddy really half way to O-N-E?!? Well since I have lagged a bit, she is closer to 6 1/2 months now but I thought I should do a Maddy update! Her nickname should really be "Happy" or "Smiles" but instead for some reason it is more along the lines of "Fatty Maddy" or "Chunky Monkey" (the later is what I prefer, you probably can guess who made up the other!) I don't know it could be her thighs or the fact that she weighs the same amount as her 14 month old cousin, but needless to say she is one happy healthy baby girl! She has two bottom teeth, sits up for the most part (although she still "timbers" after a bit), and is actually getting some hair although you can't tell in pictures. Maddy also loves to be with or around everyone! She thinks Kaden is the funniest kid whenever he runs around and plays. Maddy starts to kick her legs and her eyes fill with excitement and glee the closer Kaden comes to her. Sometimes it ends with a short cry as Kaden also gets a little excited and forgets that teeth marks on her arm might hurt a bit. He is still learning! But what a joy Maddy is in our lives. She has brought so much happiness to our family. Happy 6 months Pretty girl!Daddy has declared this trick as the right of passage in our family now! Well for the kids at least, I'm pretty sure I would break his arm if mommy tried this trick!Maddy enjoys her rice cereal and will be starting on other foods as soon as her mommy gets in gear! Maddy sure does have a special spot for her Daddy. In fact she said her first word "Dada" on Father's Day! What a sweet Father's Day gift Maddy girl!
The Bumbo has many uses, including a pool side chair to watch Kaden play!Hey blue eyes!!I experienced my first pool day! Although this picture doesn't show it, I really loved the water and couldn't stop kicking my feet. Maybe an early swimmer!!It seems as though every time I look as these sweet smiles, the struggles of life seem to disappear and I feel like the luckiest and most blessed woman alive! I have a sweet husband who would give the world to us and beautiful kids who make me laugh and smile. What a joy motherhood is, hard work, but such a joy!


Felicity May said...

Cute pictures. Happy 6 months Maddy! Don't let them tease you about those thighs, I love them.

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

She's just beautiful. When are you coming up to show her and Kaden off? We'd love to see you... the boat is waiting :)

robyn said...

What a sweetie! She is so cute and so happy all the time! I hope my little girl is as good as Maddy! I wish we lived by you so I can see you guys and your cute kids!!