Monday, June 16, 2008

A Day for Dads!!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

We had a great day yesterday and I hope that it was extra special for Bryce. This is Bryce's second Father's day and this one he has two kids!! Bryce is such a loving father and husband that works so hard for us. He can never get enough play time with the kids and always lets me know that although he loves the kids to death, he loves me first! He wants to make sure I'm not forgotten as most attention is on the kids! I could never imagine my life without him and all the fun, love and laughs he brings to our marriage and our family. You deserve this day to thank you and honor you as a Father. I love you Bryce, Happy Father's Day!

Bryce's grandparents came from Utah for the graduations, and stayed through Father's Day so it was nice to also celebrate his Grandpa. The day started off with a nice breakfast, although I forgot the bacon, Bryce's favorite! Opps, he'll have to forgive me!! We spent the afternoon with the Bishops and had lots of yummy food and good quality time to visit. We had a great time and of course took lots of pictures!
This is all the Dads and Ryan the Grad. Grandma got these sweet shirts so they would be all matching for the picture. This is Ryan, Bryce, Justin, James, and Grandpa.
Carrying on the Bishop name! This is four generations of Bishop men/ boy. I thought this was such a priceless picture.Bryce giving his Dad a Father's day treat! Can you feel the love?!!!It was nice to enjoy a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Bishop where they also met Maddy for the first time. I think she melted their hearts!Unfortunately, I was not able to spend Father's Day with my Dad, although I wanted to wish him a Happy Father's Day. He is such a great man and one to look at as an example. He is such a hard working Dad and husband, and would do anything to make sure his family was taken care of. I would have to say that in my later years, I have become much closer with him and have gotten to know him a lot better now that my life isn't consumed with boys, what I'm going to wear and the she-said he-said business!! High School!! I'm sure it was hard this day almost four years ago to hand me off to Bryce, but I want my Dad to know that he is still my daddy and will always be the man in my life! I love you so much Dad and appreciate all that you have done for me and continue to do as my Dad and also as a loving Grandpa! Happy Father's Day!!


The Murdocks said... those shirts! And look so good! I always notice how good people look when I'm huge and pregnant. I found myself staring at my sisters skinny butt yesterday with envy. Anyway, looks like all is well with the Bishop clan...and Maddie is getting big! Dang, I wish this baby was already out of me :) Is it too soon to feel like that...only 6 months along?? probably.

ATK said...

That's so cool that you got a 4 generation shot. I got one of those too and it will be fun for your kids to look back at.

Before I read the part about your dad, I thought that was a pic of you sis getting married or something. I had to take a closer look to realize it was you! You look great!!