Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Play Day!

This afternoon was devoted to playing! The sun has finally come back out to greet us, and I thought we could all use a play day! We loaded up the stroller and off we went to a nearby park.

I'm at the top of the baby slide excited to make my way down.
I'm getting more brave Mom, watch me climb to the big slide!Ready, set... here I go Mom...
WEEEEEEEE!! The cute thing is that he actually says "weee" when he goes down!!
I can't wait until I can go down the slide with Kaden! Until then, I'll just hang out in my stroller chewing on my toy! You should try it Kaden, it's pretty fun!
If you look very closely you can see my two little chompers! Yes, I followed in Kaden's footsteps and got some early teeth. They broke through on Mother's Day. I was just a few days over 5 months old. Two teeth later, and I'm still bald! Oh well, it's my cool summer do!As we returned home we had to pay a little visit to the chickens in our backyard. (They are our landlords, but their coop is in our backyard) Kaden LOVES them! Whenever we go outside he be-lines straight over to their cage. Poor chickens, as you can tell they are all desperately trying to hide from "The Kaden". He thinks it is utterly hilarious to pick up straw (see his handful), chuck it at the chickens, and watch them scatter. Animal cruelty, maybe! They aren't the most intelligent animals because they come running back for more! What a boy!!PS... This is my new favorite toy!! There is so much to chew on!


The Mo You Know said...

Tiffany your family is just so adorable. I still cannot believe that you're married with two kids, i suppose though, there are times you can't either. Anyway, I check in on your page every now and then and am always happy to see the goings on of the Bishop Family.

Felicity May said...

Cute pics Tiff. I miss you guys. Without Kaden here at Grammy's my child is the only one out of control. Wish you were her:) See you next week! love you