Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birthday Bash!

Friday was Bryce's 26th Birthday! He actually had the day off so we were able to spend his special day with him. His day started off with breakfast in bed! I made him a Grand Slam (for all you Denny's diners) It included bacon, eggs, sausage, potatoes, and a side of pancakes, aka a heart attack waiting to happen! Hey it was his Birthday he deserved a yummy breakfast! Unfortunately, it was a little rainy and gloomy during the day so we hung out at our house with our friends Josh, Brittany, and their little guy Oliver. Our day was followed by quite a wild night, well I guess wild for a married couple with two kids! It was also Andrea,'s birthday, so Justin decided to rent a limo for all of us to go to dinner! We contemplated prom dresses but decided it might be a little over the top! So Bryce and I, Justin and Andrea, Josh and Brittany, James and Sherry (Bryce's parents), and Ryan and Rachel (Bryce's brother and his girlfriend), all piled in our Lincoln Navigator limo and headed down to Oceanside for a lovely dinner at Outback. Jamie so graciously babysat all the kids for us, which we appreciate probably more than she knows!! Here are some pictures of our wild and crazy night!!
Posing in front of our sweet ride!The Birthday Boy!! I thought it only appropriate to have Birthday hats and blowers!
The other Birthday Girl!Our friends Josh and Brittany
James and Sherry partying it up!!
Ryan and Rachel! Awww what a cute couple!
The Girls!! We know how to party!!Like I said, wild and crazy night!!
We had a great night! Happy Birthday sweetie!! I love you so much!! I hope you had a fantastic Birthday!


Jesse & Emily said...

Happy Birthday Brycey Pooh! ;) Wish I could have joined in the fun! Miss you guys, and your sweet sweet kiddos!

Dad, Mom & Baby said...

yOU gUYS aRE Crazy!! Wish we would have partied it up like that back at the "Westcliff Riviera's" haha..