Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trip to Fresno

A couple of weeks ago my cousin got married in Fresno, so my mom, Eric, Harmony, Felicity, Gracey, Kaden and I all squished in my mom's Tahoe and headed to Fresno. We were full to the brim. Unfortunately, Bryce and Felicity's husband Rob had to "bring home the bacon" for us, so they were unable to join the party! Most of my extended family live in Fresno so it was a nice chance to go to the wedding and be able to visit my relatives all in the same place. It had been a while since they had seen Kaden so it was definitely due time. Eric was our hero the whole trip as he was the only guy to do all the man things like carry and load luggage!! :) Harmony and I are both pregnant so we weren't much help, and we had two babies with us to care for so it was awesome to have some muscles with us. Poor guy, but he was a trooper with a car full of girls and two babies!! Anyways, as you can tell we were very appreciative. We stayed at Grandma's house and got to visit with all our family!! At the reception Kaden, like always, decided that he wanted to steal the spotlight so he started to dance to the music. We would hold his hands and he would totally dance, but only to songs that had a good beat. When a slow song came on he would sit down on the dance floor to have a break. He loves all the attention and for all eyes to be on him. What a ham!! We had such a great time, and it was so nice to spend quality time with my Grandma and Grandpa. Well here are some pictures to narrate our weekend.

Toys were very important...

and so was sleep!!

Kaden tried to help Eric with some driving!

The babies with Great Grandma in her beauty shop... and Kaden with Great Grandpa

I had the sweetest date!!

Get Down!! Can we help you, we're trying to dance here!!
The happy couple!! My cousin Candace and her new husband Alexander.

The girls!!

I love my Grammy!!