Friday, September 28, 2007

Come on Down!!!

Well this past Monday I had the opportunity to go to a taping of the Price is Right! As you probably know Drew Carey is the new host so this was one of his first tapings that we were attending. When I say we that included Bryce's dad James, brother Justin, James' friend Ricki and I. We were the only lucky ones that could work out our schedule so we could go. So we all headed up to Hollywood in hopes of impressing the interviewers so that atleast one in our group could be a contestant. Bryce's family came up with the idea of the shirts that we wore. I wore a shirt that said "I'll name her Drew" with an arrow pointing to my belly and the rest of the guys wore shirts that said "She'll name her Drew". Anyways to our amazing suprise we accomplished our goal and I was the one that was actually called on the show to be a contestant. In fact, I was the first one called on the show. Everyone is excited and yelling and then they announce the names and hold up a big sign that says the name because it was hard for us to hear. It was so crazy to see Tiffany Bishop!!! So I got called up to be one of the first 4 bidders at the panal. Once again, to my great surprise, I actually won the first bid and got to go up on stage with Drew to then play a game!! My game included a Kowasaki dirt bike and a very funky contemporary couch. So guess what...I totally won the game!!! I then got to spin the wheel to try to be in the running for the showcase (the wheel is actually pretty heavy by the way). So I spun it and after it went around a couple of times it tinkered on the $1.00 and then at the last moment went up a notch and landed on $0.15. Darn!! So close!! I rolled again and went over, so that was the end of my playing. It was so awesome!!! So I won a bunch of camping gear, a dirt bike and a funky couch!! It was such a crazy thing. I was so nervous and in shock at the same time!! We don't know yet when the show will air, but as soon as I find out I'll let you all know so you can watch me embarrass myself. I really have to warn you that I was really excited so I probably look like such a dork, but oh well, it was a once in a lifetime experience! So that is my big exciting event. By the way, Drew Carey is such a nice guy and very personable. He signed autographs and told jokes during commericial break. I got a little shirt for Kaden that he signed as well as my shirt. What an experience!!! Stay tuned for the air date.


Dave, Stacie, and Cooper said...

AJKJFJDKJFKDSLJFKDJFKSLJFDKL...TIFFANY!!! How on earth did you not mention this to me on the phone this week? My mouth was dropped to the floor the whole time I read this...giddy with excitement. This is, by far, the coolest thing in the world...I think it is safe to say that you can die now. Oh my heck, I am so freaking happy for you! PLEASE let me know when it airs ok?? I must see this! p.s. you look #2 is treating you well!

AHS Photography said...

Hi Tiffany! I just found your blog from Harmony and wanted to say congrats to you and Bryce on the new babies! I was so excited when Harmony emailed me and said she was blogging- Aaron and I started a blog this summer...well I'll let you check it out :)