Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We Partied....Transformers Style!!

 You might be shocked that this is not a Dino themed party...I was!!  Kaden has matured his interests to Super Heros and Transformers, however his love for those dinos still stays true.  You would think that the end of October would bring a fall birthday in the air...nope, not in California.  It may as well been a pool party!  Luckily Bryce's parents have a great outdoor patio that offers a lot of shade and a great place to party, thanks guys!  We had an awesome party with lots of yummy food, and great friends and family!! 

                                                         Truely BFF's
                     Some of the girls...Candice, Maddy and McKenna
                                                  Cutie pie Elle Belle :)

                                                       Kaden's buddy Ollie
                                                    Cute girlies!!
                   The little craft turned out so cute!!  I got little mini pumpkins for each kid and let them decorate with markers, different stickers, jewels, and some googly eyes.  They were all so creative, it turned out great!!

                                        It was too enticing for him :)
                    Grammy!!!  I don't think my mom EVER ages!

                                             My bestie Brittany
                       Jordyn went to town with the jewels!!
 All the kids that made this party happen!!  Oliver, Thomas, Kaden, Corbin, McKenna, Skye, Sydney, Jordyn, Madison, Candice, and Elle(didn't want to join the pic)  
 Donut-on-a-string game...thought this would be fun, they might still be too young for games, we had some tears :(
          Water balloon toss...lasted one toss :)  But they liked it!

Cutest boy EVER!!

 Yes, what would a Transformer party be if Optimus Prime was not hanging overhead filled with treats!?!

          It was funny to see each kid's tactic on trying to break this guy open...Karate CHOP

                                                 Sizing up his target

                                   Or the one foot hop...my fav :)

 "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!!!" aka Pinata wouldn't break despite all his efforts :(  I'm sure he will love this picture when he's older!

                                                        We love you Bud!!

                                Happy 5th Birthday Kaden!!!!!


Josh and Britt said...

Cute pics of the party! We are had so much fun with you guys! Happy birthday Kaden!