Friday, September 16, 2011

Cabin Weekend

Since I can remember, every summer we spent weeks at my parents' cabin in Huntington Lake.  Besides being a lovely place in the mountains to encircle you, I have always felt a sense of connection with my grandparents there.  The cabin was passed down to my mom from her parents.  They both passed away at early ages, and my siblings and I never got a chance to know them.  Although there has been much remodel in the past few years due to snow damage, there is a little sense of connection knowing that my grandparents also spent so many summers there vacationing as a family.  It is my pleasure to now be able to vacation every summer with my little family to carry on the Shelman traditions.  The cabin is a bit far from us, 7 hours give or take, so we have just been able to go once every summer.  This year it was over Labor Day weekend and with Rob and Felicity and their kids.  As I was uploading my pictures from the weekend I was shocked at the number 231!! A bit camera happy are we Tiffany??? I will try to pick a few of the best :)

 The lake, Pb & J, and Dino trunks...what more does a boy a need?
 Along with the cabin is a private dock in this little private cove.  Even with the kids, it was so peaceful and serene.
 Bryce was one with the mini sailboat :)

 Notice the grown man in a full wetsuit and the little ones in just bathing suits :)  The water is literally melted snow so it is FREEZING!!  But somehow as kids it doesn't bother you as much.  I did show their Daddy up and jumped in with no wetsuit, Maddy wanted to show Daddy up to...brave little girl down below
                                                   Good work Maddy

 We actually got to was awesome!!!
 This is how Becks preferred his travels on the paddle board. sister's hot :)

 Love Them!!
 B man giving Mads a ride.
 Ballet on the boat????  That's what they told me they were doing.
 This pretty much sums up the weekend of these two boys.  Show me your best T-Rex you dino lovers!!!
 Beyond cuteness!!
 THE Rob-daddy :)
 Play-do sesh...always a must on vacation
 My lil man...I give him two years before he's taller than old mom :) We all took a little hike, yes I really do mean little.  The first slight incline Kaden started to complain about his legs being tired. You need some muscle on those little chicken-legs boy!!


We had such a fun weekend!!  Kids keep asking when we are going back...that's always a good sign :)


Felicity May said...

Loved our fun weekend together! Missing you guys as I am looking at these pics. :(

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