Saturday, May 2, 2009

Round Two...

(Opps wrong order, the other post first!)

We went home for a nap (well the kids) and refresh for our next party. Saturday night we had a surprise 50th Birthday party for Bryce's dad. I can't believe it was pulled off without him having a clue! Those are the best surprises!! I didn't get too many pictures because I was chasing the kids around, but we had a great evening and some grub food!Uncle Ry Ry waiting with Kaden for the man of the hour!
Kaden and McKenna enjoying a snack on the hammock.
We took advantage of Great- Grandpa and Grandma being in town for a 4th generation picture. I thought this was pretty cool! The Bishop legacy passed down!
Group pic: Our family, McKenna and Corbin, with the Birthday boy, and Great-Grandpa and Grandma.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!