Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Words, Word, Words...

A new word for Maddy!!

Maddy's vocabulary is growing fast! Her list of words include Mom, Dad, Hi, Bye, Uhh-Ohh, good girl, and now duck!! I realized I tell her "good girl" a lot and she has seemed to pick up on it. Kaden and Maddy were having their bath tonight and Kaden handed Maddy her pink duck to play with and as clear as day she said, "duck." I would have to say that she was born into the right family because besides her words we can understand, she chats it up all day long! She has to compete with Kaden so sometimes their volume gets pretty loud. Another reason she was born into the right family!! Can't wait to hear what her next word will be! Oh our little monkey is growing up too fast!!


The Lehnick Family said... cute! She is going to take off talking...girls do that! What cuties you have...thanks for getting me inspired on the whole blogging thing! Love it! My blog is not near as good as yours and your sisters, but hopefully I will continue to learn! Love you all! Tell Bryce hello and give the little ones a kiss for me!

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...


This is a comment totally unrelated to your adorable little girl!

Thanks for your note on our blog. You said your brother is serving in Croatia. We just had a dear friend return from there, and we also know the Mission President in what I believe is his mission. What is your little brother's name? Our friend who just returned is Alex Beazer. Is your bro's mission president Dave Hill? He is our good friends brother in law. Let me know!

All my love

Aunt Lynn