Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sail Into the Sunset!

Well I have to begin with the big news, our new addition! (No I'm not pregnant!!!) We recently purchased a 22 foot 1976 Chrysler Sailboat!! Bryce has been looking for sailboats for what is going on 3 years now, and finally all the stars aligned! The right boat, price, and most importantly the right timing. The boat came on a trailer so we are able to keep it at our house, now that we have the room. It was much bigger than we anticipated, but nicer than we anticipated also. It has a cabin underneath that sleeps 4 and has a table, a little stove, sink and even a toilet! Needless to say we are very excited! On Saturday we took it on it's maiden voyage in a near by lake. We wanted to make sure all was well before we plunged it into the ocean. I'm glad to report all is well! It did great, and Bryce was able to sail it around the lake for almost an hour, with the help of his crew Justin and Eric! After kickin' it at the beach with the kids I was also able to go for a spin. It was super windy by the time I got on and we had some trouble getting it back to the dock. Chock it up to adventure I guess! We are very excited for the many excursions ahead of us! I, of course, am looking forward to my romantic dinner cruise! Pressure is on Captain!
Ahoy Captain!

Thanks Eric for pulling it with your pimp ride!

Poor Kaden got attacked by tons of fire ants at the lake! This is just one leg! They are on the other leg and some on his hands. I counted at least 50 bites! I thought I would share his pain with you! Poor little guy! Although, they look bad, they don't seem to really bother him. I've said it before, he is 100% BOY!!!
I just wanted to throw in this cute picture of Madison. Check out that drool!!


Joseph and Brittany said...

That is so rad!!!!! I totally want to go on a ride. We are so jealous.

The Millers said...

Check you guys out! That is so awesome you have a boat!!! The kids will have so many fun memories on it.

Adam, Tracy & Kaelin said...

How exciting!! A boat?!?! I knew you guys would be getting one sooner or later...I remember talking to you about it on the last Primary boat excursion. congrats!!! I remember going on my grandpa's boat when I was little and hating having to wear those dang lifevests. But all in all, I remember having some AWESOME MEMORIES!! So get ready to make some super sweet memories with your sweet little family of 4!!

The Murdocks said...

Shut the freak up! Ya know what's weird? And I promise I'm not making this up. I had a dream the other night that you guys bought a boat. I woke up going "why the crap did I just have a dream that they bought a boat?" Ok well the boat in my dream was more like a yacht, but still! That is so cool. Anyway, that is so fun for you guys! Please take pics on that sweet ride and let us see your adventures!