Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Farewell Murdocks!!

That darn Utah has stolen another friend!! The Murdocks are our good friends and were even our neighbors for a year in Newport Beach. We are sad to see them leave, but are so excited for them to move on to bigger and better things even if it's in Utah! We drove up to Newport on Monday evening for a final farewell. It was great to see not only them but also many of our other friends we love and miss. We wish the best for you Dave, Stacie and Cooper!!

Dave, Stacie and Cooper!

Kaden and his buddy Cooper enthralled by a cartoon!

I'll miss you Stac!!


The Murdocks said...

Oh Tiff! I love these pics! You showing up was the highlight of the night, thank you so much for taking the LONG drive to see us. It meant sooo much to us. We already miss you and it just seems like we'll be coming back "home" after vacation. Nothin but love.