Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hide and Seek!

One afternoon last week I was changing Madison's diaper and Kaden was roaming around the house like he usually does. As I finished I was heading towards my designated "nursing" spot and I called for him to see where he was. I didn't hear any answer or noise at all, which is quite uncommon for Kaden (he is rarely silent)! So I called for him again, still no answer. At this point I started looking around the house for him. Not in the living room, not in the kitchen, not in the bedrooms, and all bathroom doors were already shut off to him. The front and back door were also closed and locked. Where the heck did he go?? I started to get a little panicky at this point because I could NOT find him. Finally, I looked in my bedroom again and as I turned around to walk out the door this is what I saw...
He was hiding from me!!! Can you believe it!! He started to giggle and popped out of the closet door. I always seem to underestimate what he can comprehend! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen! Knowing where he was, I headed into the living room. I called for him to follow and of course he stayed in my room. When I didn't go to get him again he started to make noises. Low and behold he was hiding yet again. Kaden has figured out all on his own how to play "Hide and Seek", and he loves it! I have since found him hiding in the same spot waiting for me to discover him and letting me know if I'm taking too long! It never gets old and is just as funny as the first time he did it. Kaden is so much fun to play with!! That was my cute story for you!! Now for some fun pics!

CHEESE!!!!!! (Modeling his snow attire from Justin and Andrea, minus the pj's of course!)
Never too early right!?!

Kaden loves to play in the yard, and equally loves playing with his aunt Jamie. She is always willing to come over and play to relieve me for a bit!! We LOVE Jamie!!

I LOVE dirt! It is so yummy!

Now for the Pretty Princess...
Maddy is growing so fast. She is awake and alert a lot more now. She is really able to see you now and loves to coo and kick her little legs around. Also, the most gratifying thing
is that she smiles at you. You can actually make her smile and giggle a bit. She has the sweetest temperament and LOVES to be snuggled and held, which makes it hard as I chase Kaden around. Thank goodness for the Baby Bjorn, it is a life saver. She almost lives in that thing during the day! What ever works I guess! All I know is that she is going to be the toughest chick around, so watch out!! She has a very loving big brother that unfortunately is still learning. For example the other day she was peacefully chillin' in her swing and "Brutis" (Kaden's nickname these days) comes up and full on smacks her, his whole hand covering her sweet little face!! Poor Maddy!! Like I said, tough as nails that girl will be!! We are really enjoying the two of them and all of the joyous moments and challenges that they bring to our lives. Had you told us a couple of years ago that we would have two kids in thirteen months I would have called you crazy. Some days it is crazy! However, I know that there is no where I would rather be in life than a mother to the most beautiful children. Heavenly Father sure does work in mysterious ways sometimes. I feel so blessed nonetheless, and try to remember that when times seem tough. Motherhood, or parenthood, for that matter is definitely a divine calling! Ok ok, I'll let you enjoy some pics now!

Hello world!!
Mommy and her baby girl!

Now that is deep sleep!! Sorry daddy, puddle of drool guaranteed!!

Grandma and Maddy

Maddy and RyRy


The Murdocks said...

Tiffany, I love your new blog. And those pics of Kaden are my absolute favorites! Can I just tell you I am your number one mommy fan? I seriously admire how you handle having two young kids. You do such a great job with them. I hope I can be like you with two! It was so fun seeing you this weekend! love ya