Tuesday, December 11, 2007

She's Here!!

Madison Joy Bishop has finally come to join our family! She was born on December 7th, 2007 at 2:58pm. She was 7 pounds 1 ounce and 20.5 inches long; just a little peanut! She is just darling as can be and the sweetest little thing ever! We went into the hospital a little after midnight Thursday/Friday, and she was born 14 hours later. A pretty long labor, but when it came to pushing, four pushes and she was here! It was such a calm and spiritual experience, if you can imagine childbirth being calm! The fact that she was so ready to come made the whole experience so smooth because I didn't have to push as hard, just slow and steady. It was just such a different experience this time around because I felt so much more confident and I knew a little more what to expect. It was really nice to have both Bryce's mom and my mom there with us to enjoy such a miracle at hand. We were anxious and excited to bring her home to meet her big brother so we just stayed in the hospital one night. Thank you to all of our visitors that came to see us and all the caring phone calls and texts! We really appreciate all of your love and support! It was hard, especially for me, to leave Kaden for so long, but our homecoming was well worth it as his eyes lit up and welcomed us with the biggest smile we'd ever seen! Kaden is so adorable with his little sister. He thinks that she is the cutest thing. He always smiles at her and laughs when she makes funny faces or whimpers. That is all she really does. I prayed for a content baby for my sanity and Heavenly Father sure listened. Madison rarely fuses and when she whimpers it is because she is hungry. What an angel!! I know there is still time she is only 5 days old, but so far so good! She is a great eater and has such a strong suck that she can already use a pacifier! Maddy loves to sleep, especially all curled up on Grammy's chest. It was so precious to see Bryce with Kaden when he was first born and I think it is even that much sweeter to see how he interacts with his baby girl. Little Maddy has already melted her Daddy's heart! Well enough is enough now for some pictures of our little angel.

The Grandmas!!

Our room's view. We Love Hoag!!

I'm a Big Brother!!

Pretty little princess!!

That's all for now...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

She's almost here!!!

This past Wednesday I had my weekly doctors appointment and this time they also performed an ultrasound! I never got one this close to delivery with Kaden so it was quite a treat! It was amazing to see that she actually looks like a baby and not the resemblance of an alien, which is kind of what they look like when you get it done at 20 weeks. My doctor wanted to get a better estimate of how big she was so far, and to make sure that everything was functioning correctly. Everything was great, and she was already 7 1/2 pounds! So I guess it is safe to say that my babies are a little on the larger side. They don't think she'll be as big as Kaden was, but a decent size. I guess we will have to wait and see, but not for long!! I am 38 weeks today and I am scheduled to be induced this coming Thursday Dec 6th at midnight, so I guess technically Dec 7th. We are very excited and can hardly wait! Of course now I have a long list of things I want to get done before she comes. I guess that is the downfall to knowing. However, there is that very slight possibility that I could go into labor by myself, like I said pretty slight for my family genes. Well I will keep you all posted, and of course I will post pictures as soon as we get home so you can all see her!!
Can anyone say Prego? My belly at 37 weeks! You can also see Kaden in the shadows trying to steal my spotlight! :) PS. Those aren't deodorant stains it is my white tank top coming through, we are stretched pretty thin these days!!

When we say "where is Madison?" even if he is on the other side of the room he will run up and point right at my belly. It is so cute! Hopefully once she is here he won't keep pointing at my belly! That could be embarrassing!
Kaden also likes to kiss his baby sister (although as it appears, sometimes it does turn into a bite! Ouch is right!) He really is going to be the best big brother! He is so full of love! He has had practice on how to be soft with his little cousins! Sorry to Gracey and McKenna who had to be the guinea pigs! He just wants to love, but comes on a little strong sometimes! Well, more to come soon!!

Next post...she'll be here!!