Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Better late than never!!

Well these last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for us and I have been dying to update our you can see I finally got a moment. I wanted to start off with my birthday and 4th of July. I had such a great Birthday with so many friends and family that were all so very kind and loving. My birthday started off with a great visit from Felicity and her little peanut Gracey, followed by some yummy cheesecake with "the girls" at Cheesecake Factory, and a fabulous dinner at Flemings with my the two loves of my life!! If that wasn't all so amazing enough, my friends also threw me a surprise Birthday party. They are the best ever, and I am going to miss them soooo much!! 4th of July was next and just as fun!! We spent the day at Eric and Harmony's house with Rob and Felicity and Bryce's brother Justin. We had a great time swimming, BBQing and of course watching the fireworks at the beach. Kaden actually enjoyed them and wasn't scared at all!! He was pretty tired to he just snuggled in my arms and watched all of the pretty colors in the air. It was such a great week!! Here are some pics to show you our great time!!
Here we are at Cheesecake Factory...that is truly a Birthday size piece of cheesecake I have on my plate!!

Some pics from my party...

All the mamas...

and the proud papas

The Fourth of July...

Our little firework!

Rob, Felicity and Gracey. It was Gracey's first pool experience.

My sisters and our babes (Harmony's is still in her belly!) Don't mind the squinting, it was a little bright!!

Little peanut!!

Firework fun!!

The Big News!!
So even after all of that fun, there is still more excitement to tell about. The month of July has been quite a month!! We were surprised last week by the news that I am once again pregnant!! WOW!!! I'm sure that is your reaction right about now!! I had an ultrasound yesterday to see how far along I am, after their predictions of about 6-8 weeks according to my blood test that was done. However, to our amazement we found out that I am 18 weeks pregnant!! Yep 4 1/2 months pregnant and I had no idea except for the fact that my tummy was pooching out after all of my efforts in losing my weight from my pregnancy with Kaden. Well if you can believe the story gets better! Not only did we find out that I am incredible far along in this pregnancy and only knew about it a week ago, because I am so far along we also were able to find out the sex of the baby. We will be welcoming a baby girl into our family on December 15th!! Craziness is all I have to say!! Now that the initial shock has subsided, we are sooo excited to have a new addition to our little family. It will be so fun for Kaden, although a little tough on me as they will be barely 14 months apart. But, for some reason she is meant to come to our family and this time and we can't wait for her arrival. Bryce is so excited that it will be boys against girls. He is already prepping Kaden for the competitions that will take place, where of course the girls will win!! Sorry Boys!! :) Well to some up this long blog entry we have had lots of fun and lots of unexpected excitement in our lives these last two weeks. What will August bring?!? :)
(For those wondering I feel great and am happy that any morning sickness passed me by!! Yeah!!)

I know it is a little hard to see but I thought I would share it anyways. You are looking at a profile of our little baby girl (nameless at the moment), her head is on the left with her body curled up around the right side of the picture and her feet close to her face. Nice and cozy!!


Joseph and Brittany said...

I cannot believe it!!! Congrats! You will do great with both kids. Its not as hard as it seems. I nanny for two boys that are 11 months apart. Congrats on it being a girl!