Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tis the season!!!

Unfortunately we have embarked on the cold season and it has crept into our home! Our poor kiddos have been sick all week! Madison has had RSV, which is a respiratory infection. Poor little girl! For as serious as the sickness is supposed to be, she has not really acted like it at all! What a trooper! She is still as sweet as ever and smiling and cooing at the drop of a hat. RSV is supposed to be contagious so unfortunately it put the tabosh on any play dates for the week! Bummer!! Fortunately, Bryce was able to stay home an extra day this week to help me out when Maddy was the sickest . We have had many different treatments to do and it was quite overwhelming. Then, Grammy came to the rescue! She dropped everything at home and hopped in the car the minute she found out our kids were sick. What a lifesaver! Along with Maddy's RSV, Kaden also got a cold! I vowed never to be a mom to a snot-nosed kid, but I now understand that it is hard to keep the waterfall wiped! Needless to say the bulb syringe has become our best friend (aka the snot-sucker)! I am happy to report that they are both doing ten times better! Now Bryce and I have to battle it! I'm ready for a germ-free, sick-free home! Hopefully soon!
No sickness can stop me from smiling and cooing 'till my heart's content!
It was such a beautiful day on Saturday we decided to go outside and finally enjoy some fresh air and play in our wagon! We love SoCal, 75 degrees in February!

Super-Grammy!! To the rescue!


Wallace Family said...

Isn't being sick the pitts? we've all got colds too. Your children are so sweet and easygoing just like their mommy. Thanks for the new pics! always a treat!

Adam, Tracy & Kaelin said...

I'm so bummed I missed you last time you were here. :( But I sympathize with you on the snot. I vowed never to be a parent to s snot-nose kid and now I just can't keep up with it. It just flows and flows and the best part is when I see Kaelin slurping it up with her tongue. It makes me sick!!! Oh well, she is getting better too, and don't you just love the 75* weather???

Felicity May said...

I agree, we do have the best mom ever! I am so glad she was there to help.We sure missed you guys last week. Hopefully by the end of the week we can come to play. Maddy has changed in just a week. What a cutie. She is looking more like you.
Love you, felicity

Karabeara said...

Tiffany! I can't believe you have two kids now!! They are sooo adorable :) I feel ya on being seems like whatever the kids at school have, I end up getting! It's definitely that time of year. So glad to see your little family is doing so well!

Karabeara said...

Thank you! Matt is wonderful :) He went to Cabrillo HS and grew up in Lompoc, I bet you'd know him from Youth Conference and dances. His band played at the Solvang Luau one year...little did I know I'd be married to the drummer 6 years later! Haha